New Polling Shows Sessions with the Lead.

Breitbart News is reporting in an exclusive that former US attorney general and former US senator Jeff Sessions has a 21-point lead in the Republican primary for the US Senate race from Alabama. This polling was conducted on behalf of Jeff Sessions campaign by On Message, a national political consultancy and polling group with offices in the Washington DC area in both Maryland and Virginia. They also conducted polling for Sessions in December before he announced his intention to seek his old seat.
In the new polling released exclusively to Breitbart, Jeff sessions leads in the polls with 43%, which is a 21 point lead over his closest rivals. In this internal polling for the Sessions campaign, US Congressman Bradley Byrne came in with 22%, and former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville came in with 21%. All of the other contenders for the US Senate seat on the Republican side had significantly lower numbers.

Most political observers in the state predict that the Republican primary for the Senate seat will be heading to a runoff in March.

These latest numbers released by the Sessions camp showed that there hasn’t been any real movement in the former attorney general’s numbers. They haven’t really moved upward or downward since he joined the race. In the previous polling that was released at the beginning of December, Jeff Sessions had a 44% approval rating in that poll, and while 43% is lower, statistically speaking it’s pretty much the same number.

Coach Tuberville had the exact same numbers in this polling as he did in the last poll released, 21%. However polling from other organizations that is previously been released has Coach Tuberville either in the high twenties or low thirties, with AG Sessions in the mid 30s. When asked for comment, Paul Shashy, Campaign Manager for Coach Tuberville said, “President Trump’s decision to tweet an independent poll showng Coach Tuberville’s strong momentum obviously scared the career politicians who are desperate to stay in power. The Tuberville campaign has not spent even one dime on television at this point, but every legitimate poll shows us running far ahead of one candidate who has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV commercials and competing for the lead with another who has run ads for weeks. We are confident in our game plan and look forward to going head-to-head with Doug Jones in the fall.”

The candidate that had the most movement in this latest poll reported on by Breitbart, was US Congressman Bradley Byrne. In the previous polling done by On Message, at the beginning of December, he had a 14% approval rating. In this latest polling, he has a 22% approval rating. In between these two polls, the congressman’s campaign started releasing their television advertising, and the congressman has been making a concerted effort to build his profile and raise his awareness in other parts of the state that he doesn’t represent.

The Republican primary is set for March 3, 2020. if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, the runoff and the Republican primary will be March 31 2020 between the top two vote getters.

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