Nexstar TV stations do the bidding of Sessions on Debates

On Tuesday, Nexstar television stations announced that Tommy Tuberville and his campaign had backed out of a previously planned debate for the runoff to be aired on Nexstar stations in Alabama. The campaigns confirmed that they would do the debate before the March 3rd primary of this year, so most likely those confirmations were made with the intention that they would be tentative. Campaigns usually schedule events way into the future “subject to change” because campaigns and election seasons are very fluid and can change on a moment’s notice. WKRG and the other Nexstar television stations portrayed the cancellation from the Tuberville campaign as them canceling a firm commitment to the debate.

On Tuesday, Jeff Sessions, who is trailing in the polls, seized upon this cancellation to portray Tommy Tuberville in a negative light. Sessions intimates that Tuberville is trying to dodge questions about his record and where he stands on issues. The Sessions campaign released the following statement from the senator: “Tommy Tuberville is afraid to debate because he’s scared of being found out and exposed. But let me say this — no one will prevail in this Senate race without being vetted. Especially Florida Man Tommy Tuberville. In his 65 years, he has never advocated for any conservative political principle or made any contribution to a conservative candidate. Tommy Tuberville does not know Alabama. He simply does not understand the big issues that our state and nation face. Indeed, his own words reveal his support for amnesty and his direct opposition to President Trump’s use of tariffs to crack down on China. He has good reason to run scared from a debate with me. I will debate him anywhere in Alabama. If it would make him more comfortable, I will debate him in his home state of Florida. Does Tommy think the Republican nominee will get a free pass from Doug Jones and his out-of-state millions? Alabama needs a Senator who won’t back down. It’s time Tommy Tuberville quit hiding behind his TV ads — the people of Alabama deserve to know where he stands on the issues.”

The Tuberville campaign could not be reached for comment.

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