More Sewage Spills After Tropical Storm

Mobile Baykeeper expects utilities to continue reporting sewage spills from during and after Tropical Storm Cristobal. These spills are a result of old broken sewage pipes inundated by heavy rain. Mobile Baykeeper advises the community to stay out of local waterways for at least 48 hours after heavy rain events, even if those waterways did not have reported spills. Bacteria from pet waste, failing septic systems, and other stormwater runoff can make waterways unsafe after heavy rains. Large rainfall events often overwhelm aging infrastructure, including old wastewater pipes, pump stations, and in some cases treatment facilities, leading to sewage spills and inadequately treated sewage.

This is why it is imperative to invest in upgrading our infrastructure before permitting mass development and ensure septic tanks are properly installed and maintained. Mobile Baykeeper continues to advocate for such investment by local municipalities while informing the public of the latest data so our communities can make informed decisions for themselves and their families. Click here to check out our interactive map of sewage spills resulting from Tropical Storm Cristobal, and don’t forget to download the Swim Guide app or check for the latest data on Coastal Alabama’s waterways.

We will continue to update this interactive map as we receive new sewage spill reports from utilities.

Map of Sewage Spills Following Tropical Storm Cristobal

Click the map above to see the interactive version. See below for detailed tables on what waterbodies have been affected so far. Red highlighting indicates that the spill entered the waterway..


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