Montgomery United Transition Committee’s Report Released

The Montgomery United Transition Committee on Thursday released the final Montgomery United Transition Report to Mayor Steven L. Reed.

Chaired by retired United States Magistrate Judge Vanzetta McPherson and businessman John Mazyck, the Montgomery United Transition Committee was tapped by Mayor Reed to take on the topics of Education, Public Safety, Economic Development, Health and Human Services, Cultural Arts and Entertainment, and Infrastructure and Transportation. It was tasked with returning a set of actionable and fiscally feasible recommendations to be considered for implementation by his administration.

The report’s release comes after Mayor Reed’s first eight months in office, during which time he continues to lead Montgomery through the COVID-19 pandemic that jeopardized regional hospital capacity and businesses’ livelihoods. Aside from the pandemic, the murder of George Floyd sparked worldwide protests and calls for change in police-community relations as well as an overhaul of the systemic injustices still plaguing the nation. Despite these unique challenges and two major legislative battles, Mayor Reed is ready to advance an agenda that deals with the community’s most pressing issues and puts Montgomery on-track to become a leader in the New South.

The full report can be viewed on the City’s website,, or accessed directly via  

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