Montgomery Mayor Calls for Young Professionals to join New Council

Mayor Steven Reed of Montgomery, Alabama is introducing a new council to his city. This council will be called the Mayor’s Young Professional Council or MYPC for short. Mayor Reed explained, “Young leaders have always been the catalysts for transformation, growth and innovation – not only in Montgomery but throughout the world.” “This Council will be an avenue to better engage with a new class of leaders as well as those already working to move our city forward. Their feedback will be essential to Montgomery’s continued economic development, positioning our community as a trailblazer among cities in the New South and realizing our collective vision of a brighter future for everyone in Montgomery.”

Mr. Griffith Waller, Public Relations Specialist for the City of Montgomery, expresses, “This was something the mayor wants to do to be engage young professionals in Montgomery.” He adds, “While previous administrations have done this before, Mayor Reed wants to make this one a more meaningful council where these young professionals really had a voice…”

He explains that while they may have council in their name, they are not like the city council so they can’t enforce or draft laws, but rather it is a special group of young professional people to come together to express ideas with the mayor. They can also be considered for leadership positions in the near future.

He concludes this is not just a vehicle to put on your resume, but rather for those individuals who are really about change in the city. He exclaimed, “It would be great to put on a resume. It will show leadership and show you do have a voice and a stake in your community.” “It is an actual group of people making change…”

If you are between the ages of 18 and 35 and interested or know someone who might be, you can apply today or learn more, please visit the MYPC page on the City of Montgomery website at

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