Montgomery City Sanitation Employee contracts COVID-19

A City of Montgomery Sanitation Department employee tested positive for COVID-19. The City was informed late Monday and only able to verify the positive results today. The employee has been self-quarantined for more than a week.

The employee did not come in contact with the virus in the course of his job.  The source of the infection has been tracked to a relative who works in the health care field.  Upon learning of the family member’s positive test, the employee self-quarantined.

City of Montgomery Sanitation Department leadership required all employees who came in contact with the individual to self-quarantine, as well. None of these employees have exhibited symptoms.

Prior to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the City instituted new policies to stop the spread of COVID-19 among all City personnel. The Sanitation Department continues taking steps that include: issuing face coverings, gloves and glasses; conducting pre-shift temperature checks; providing hand sanitizer; and sanitizing trucks after each shift.

The exposure risk to the public is extremely low since the employee had no direct contact with residents. However, City officials remind everyone to wash their hands and properly wipe heavy-contact surfaces – including the hand grip on garbage cans – regularly.