Montgomery Aligns Police Policies with #8CantWait

On Tuesday, June 9th, Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley announced the Montgomery Police Department will join the #8CantWait project.

As stated in the website, #8CantWait is a campaign that has been constructed to bring immediate change to police departments. Mayor Reed believes that he, alongside Chief Finley can make things better for the City of Montgomery’s Police Department and the community as a whole. The project aims to strengthen relations between police and the community by creating a more just and fair law enforcement practices, according to the release.

“I, along with Chief Finley believe a review of our policing practices is necessary to improve the trust between the city of Montgomery’s Police Department and the community we serve. The recent events throughout our nation and calls for reform have motivated us to identify more restrictive uses of force policies that we be proud of, so that minimal use of force techniques can be more widely implemented,” Mayor Reed said.

Mayor Reed believes that more believes that more can be done to reduce incidents of lethal force against members in the community, especially black people. He is trying to do everything he can to end the violence against black people. Several cities have used the #8CantWait Initiative to make change in their communities. Some of the changes consist of: use of police force, demilitarization and even abolition.

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