Markets in everything: The booming industry of social justice

According to Tristan Justice writing in The Federalist “It turns out convincing white people that they’re racist is a lucrative business in a profitable industry.” Here’s more:

For decades, the billion-dollar education industry slowly developed the modern left-wing academic complex where the nation’s insulated campuses successfully mainstreamed fringe ideologies by breeding aggressively woke children now running America’s legacy institutions. By selling expensive liberal arts degrees in “global gender studies” and “feminist studies” [not to mention degrees in “bitterness studies,” “indignation studies” and “grievance studies”] American universities have not only created a new generation of the exhaustively woke, but have also created a booming industry where the new profession of being a full-time social justice warrior can be a profitable gig.

Aside from paying the high-priced professors to persuade the campus community of its inherent racism, the University of Michigan doled out nearly $8.4 million for diversity staff in 2018, where 26 of these “diversicrats” raked in more than $100,000 a year in cash compensation, according to an analysis of the university’s salary database by the center-right American Enterprise Institute. When accounting for staff salaries plus benefits, the university’s 93 diversity-dedicated administrators reaped in $11 million total annually (see table below).

Young America’s Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown told The Federalist they’ve been tracking the explosive growth of the social justice industry for years. Isolated campuses continue to breed extremism that ultimately gave rise to the prosperous self-righteous profession today and also gives way to items such as the anti-American 1619 Project.
“Social justice has indeed turned from a cottage industry, largely limited to the bubble of academia, into a multi-million dollar enterprise,” Brown said.

Indeed, according to McKinsey & Company in 2017, American corporations spent about $8 billion annually on diversity trainings, a number certain to skyrocket following the death of George Floyd. reports the average base pay for diversity and inclusion consultants meanwhile, a job title on the rise ranges from $70,657 to $107,000 a year.

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