Lucien Blankenship named to Birmingham Water Works Board

Birmingham Mayor Randall L. Woodfin has announced an appointment to the Birmingham Water Works Board.
The appointee is Lucien Blankenship.
“The Birmingham Water Works Board performs a major role in the oversight of the utility for our residents,” Mayor Woodfin said. “We spent an extensive amount of time considering the type of individual we need for this responsibility. I am pleased to appoint an experienced and trusted professional to join the board.”
Blankenship is a Birmingham attorney with Blankenship and Associates. The law firm specializes in Smart Cities legislative initiatives and municipal issues on a state and federal level. Blankenship serves as city attorney for multiple municipalities. He is a member of the Alabama A&M University Board of Trustees and board chairman for Urban Impact. Blankenship is active in his community including as president of the Youth Sports Association in Titusville and PTA president for Phillips Academy.
Blankenship fills a vacant seat on the board which was effective beginning January 1, 2017. The term expires January 1, 2021. His appointment is effective immediately.

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