John Skipper is running for senior vice chairman of ALGOP

editor’s note: The following is a letter by John Skipper sent to members of the Alabama Republican party announcing his candidacy for Senior vice-chairman of the Alabama Republican party

This past December I announced my candidacy for Senior Vice-Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP).  For the past two years, I have served as Vice-Chairman for Congressional Districts One & Two and am now excited about the opportunity to work on behalf of the entire state as your Senior Vice-Chairman.  The ALGOP Executive Committee will meet in February, and I would be honored to have your support.  I hope the enclosed fact sheet, highlighting some of my experiences in my community, as well as within the Republican Party, will provide helpful information regarding my qualifications.

The 2020 election cycle brought some success for the party, especially with the election of Coach Tommy Tuberville to the United States Senate.  However, the growth we have experienced presents new challenges for us to face.  It is critical that we improve and maintain the credibility of our local and state organizations, which is one of the primary reasons I am running for this office.  The rapid increase of those who identify as Republicans is exciting; however, we must ensure our growth is marked by those who are joining the party for the right reasons and not just desiring an “R” beside their name.  

As a long-time member of the party, I am convinced our ALGOP needs a steering committee of true conservatives who will unify the party around our approved platform, principles and policies, which will continue to make us a great state.  If given the chance to serve, I promise I will work hard every day to continue to build the party around Alabama’s Christian conservative values.

I humbly ask for your vote for Senior Vice-Chairman when we gather in Montgomery in February.  If I have not yet spoken with you personally, I look forward to doing so soon.

A leader in the Mobile County Republican

Party (16 years of service)

     H  Ballot Security Chairman

     H  Vice Chair for the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee

     H  Chairman of Mobile County Republican Executive Committee

     H  Associate member of the Azalea City

Republican Women

A Leader on the ALGOP Executive Committee

(8 years of service)

     H  Executive Committee Member

     H  Member of Financial Oversight Committee

     H  Member of Ethics Committee

     H  Century Club Member

     H  Capitol Club Member

     H  Vice Chair for Congressional Districts 1 & 2

A Leader in the Community

     H  President of Municipal Park Baseball

     H  Bel Air Kiwanis President

     H  Board Member of Sunrise Rotary

     H  Solid Waste Disposal Authority Board Member,

City of Mobile

A Leader in Church

     H  Deacon at West Mobile Baptist Church (past

& present Chairman)

     H  Finance Committee Chairman      H  Bible Class Teacher

A Military Veteran

     H  US Coast Guard Reserve, retired with  31 years of service

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