Jerry Carl Calls on Bill Hightower to Denounce Stephen Moore Endorsement

Today, conservative Republican Jerry Carl called on Bill Hightower todenounce his recent endorsement by Stephen Moore. For years, Moore hasrepeatedly made heinous comments about women, minorities, and even his ownfamily. Stephen Moore’s comments even led to him being fired by PresidentTrump.

In 2004,Moore bragged about responding to a doctor who said histhree-and-a-half-year-old son had “low muscle tone,” by saying, “He might aswell have told us that David has AIDS” (National Review, December 2004).

In 2010,Moore’s wife filed for divorce claiming that Moore had committed adultery andhad subjected her to “emotional and psychological abuse.” Later, she sued himfor failing to pay her thousands of dollars in alimony and child support. (

Moore alsosaid that women should not be permitted to referee sporting events, join themilitary, or be sports broadcasters, unless they look and dress a certain way.(

In 2014,Moore said that women should never earn more money than their husbands. He isquoted saying “What are the implications of a society in which women earn morethan men? We don’t really know, but it could be disruptive to familystability?” (National Review, April 2014).

In astatement, Jerry Carl said, “I am appalled that Bill Hightower willinglyaccepted, sought, and pushed the endorsement of someone who demonstrates such alack of respect for women, minorities, and the people around him. BillHightower should disavow Stephen Moore immediately and return any contributionhe might have received from him. His rhetoric is inexcusable and unacceptable.President Trump needs strong conservatives who will fight for south Alabamavalues and the President’s agenda. While the tax cut bill that Stephen Moorepushed through Congress is good, Stephen Moore’s behavior and reprehensiblelanguage are not.”

Bill Hightower’s campaign responded with the following, “Bill Hightower is proud to have the endorsement of President Trump’s economic advisor and one of the lead architects of President Trump’s groundbreaking 2017 tax reform. Unlike Jerry Carl who is on record for supporting hundreds of millions of dollars in tax hikes, Bill Hightower believes Alabama taxpayers should get to keep more of their hard earned dollars.”

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