Jeff Sessions: We Must Stop Funding a Corrupt World Health Organization

Jeff Sessions is releasing the third plank in his new and bold strategic plan for the United States to confront the communist regime in China, called “BETTING ON AMERICA: STANDING UP TO CHINA’S COLD-BLOODED DRIVE FOR POWER.”

Plank #3 of Sessions’ “Betting on America” plan is: Stop Funding a Corrupt World Health Organization.

Sessions released this statement:

“The World Health Organization (WHO) is broken and corrupt. Its response to the Wuhan Virus pandemic was a failure of historic proportions. As an agency of the United Nations, the WHO is supposed to be preparing for health emergencies, coordinating the flow of medical information between countries, and helping to stop the spread of dangerous pandemics like the Wuhan Virus. 

“Instead, the WHO has become more concerned with spreading political correctness and communist propaganda rather than stopping dangerous diseases.

“That is why the third plank of my “Betting on America” plan calls for the United States to withhold all funding from the WHO until at least two conditions are met: 

(1) WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resigns; and 

(2) a series of reforms are implemented to ensure that the WHO acts as a reliable, nonpolitical, and vigorous early warning system for disease outbreaks, so that this never happens again. 

“It has become painfully obvious that the WHO is all too willing to parrot the talking points of the Chinese Communist Party, even at the expense of the world’s health. On January 14, weeks after Chinese authorities had arrested doctors who tried to warn others about the outbreak in Wuhan, the WHO told the world, ‘Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the [Wuhan Virus].’ As the WHO transmitted this false information from China, the rest of the world underestimated the threat.

“We know that eight Chinese medical professionals knew of the contagious nature of the Wuhan Virus before January 1, 2020, and were silenced by the communist regime. The worldwide broadcast by the WHO, weeks later, that the virus was not communicable was one of the worst health messages in modern history. If the WHO was given false information by China—and we know that it was—they must report that fact, condemn in the strongest terms the responsible officials, and immediately commence a professional investigation, not act like a conspirator in the cover-up. A complete report must be produced and measures put in place to ensure that this won’t happen again.

“The United States spends more than any other country on the World Health Organization—more than $340 million per year. China spends less than one-tenth of that amount: about $25 million per year. We must use that leverage to force the WHO to stop playing games and take its job more seriously. 

“If our money is going to fund a global health organization to track and prevent outbreaks, the members of that organization must all agree to allow their doctors to share information when they see outbreaks occurring. At the beginning of this year, China arrested doctors who were trying to warn people about the virus outbreak they were seeing in Wuhan, and forced them to sign confessions for ‘spreading false rumors’! No global outbreak prevention model will succeed if countries censor that kind of information until it is too late.

“When both the United States and WHO officials asked to send experts to assist, study, and monitor the initial outbreak response in Wuhan, China rebuffed them. On three separate occasions early this year, China rejected U.S. attempts to help and to provide skilled professionals to study the virus. 

“And make no mistake, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is China’s man at the WHO. China lent billions to his native Ethiopia when he was in power there, and China pushed countries to vote him into office in 2017 despite allegations that he had orchestrated cover-ups of disease outbreaks in his own country. After he was installed at the WHO, Tedros immediately visited China and praised its health system, saying ‘we all could learn something from China.’ 

“The Wuhan Virus pandemic is just the latest in a long line of embarrassing failures by the WHO. In February, the WHO lectured the world on its preferred name for the Wuhan Virus, instead using ‘COVID-19’ to intentionally obscure the origins of the virus. This lunacy was quickly picked up by the Chinese Communist Party and by the left-wing media in the United States, who claimed it was “racist” to refer to the origins of the virus, despite those same outlets calling it the “Wuhan Virus” earlier this year. 

“Let’s be clear: It is not racist to mention that the Wuhan Virus started in Wuhan, China. We must reject the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to erase China’s connection to this pandemic. The Chinese government would like nothing more than to cause the world to forget that it was China’s own failures and cover-up that allowed this to spread into a global pandemic, but they must not escape that responsibility.

“Whether we’re talking about the Wuhan Virus or a different outbreak, the WHO’s obsession with political correctness is not new. In 2015, it issued guidelines that told people to use ‘generic descriptive terms’ to refer to diseases, and not to refer to the geographic regions where the disease came from, or even terms like ‘fatal’ or ‘epidemic’ because they might ‘incite fear.’ They even told the world not to use the term ‘swine flu’ because it might be stigmatizing—to pigs! We’ve allowed more than $340 million per year to fund this? 

“The WHO has a history of improper political bias. Since 2017, after pressure from China, the WHO stopped allowing delegates from Taiwan to attend the WHO assembly or even observe proceedings. The WHO has even blocked Taiwanese journalists from reporting on its activities. Today, while the Wuhan Virus ravages the world, Taiwan is still excluded from participation, despite that Taiwan has had some of the best success in fighting the Wuhan Virus.

“And after world leaders started criticizing the WHO’s disastrous failures in recent days, the head of the WHO even trotted out an absurd conspiracy theory that Taiwan was orchestrating negative attitudes about the WHO. The WHO again fails to take responsibility for its failures.

“For far too long, we have given massive amounts of money—with no strings attached—to the WHO and other international organizations that do not serve our interests or the interests of the world. Those organizations threaten our sovereignty, act as mouthpieces for hostile propaganda, and fail to do the jobs they’ve promised to do with our money.

“We are done enabling this kind of failure and corruption. We must immediately withhold all American funds from the WHO until its current Director-General resigns and the organization begins acting in accordance with its mission. It is time to clean house. 

“And if the WHO won’t reform, we should dismantle it and start fresh. We do not have the time, money, or innocent lives to waste on a failed organization that is acting as a puppet of China’s communist government.” 

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