Jeff Sessions: Tommy Tuberville Seriously Misunderstands China’s Threat to the U.S.

Jeff Sessions issued the following statement on Tommy Tuberville’s recent, misguided comments on China and their threat to the United States.

“Tuberville is WRONG on Communist China. He’s parroting Joe Biden’s ‘China is not a threat’ talking points. They are not weak, they are not ‘on their knees,’ or ‘facing a lifetime of damage.’  Communist China is our true adversary, and a clear threat to our way of life. We must not let our guard down. Willfully ignoring this obvious truth is worse than naive, it’s DANGEROUS.  

“Tuberville is oblivious to the situation America now faces, which is China is relentlessly pursuing a course to dominate the United States.  We can no longer ignore China’s threat, we have to stand up to them. When President Trump stood up to China, Tommy Tuberville took China’s side and criticized President Trump. He also took China’s side when he opposed the tariffs President Trump levied on China to protect America’s interests. This is what the China lobby has always done. 

“The good news for America is that the issue is now joined. Congress and the American people are seeing the reality of the threat posed by China and are supporting President Trump. This is the defining issue of our time. We can no longer tolerate any illegal or unfair Chinese practice. China has a plan for world domination, and we must have a plan to defend the great American heritage of law, liberty and prosperity.

“Of course, our goal is always to seek as our ultimate goal peace, prosperity and freedom for all nations and peoples. Weakness in the face of the bad behavior, aggression and dishonesty of this Communist regime is not the answer. Only strength and respect will work. And we must have that now.”

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