Jeff Sessions on Monday morning issued the following statement responding to malicious and unsubstantiated attacks by Tommy Tuberville and Bradley Byrne:

“It is unfortunate that both Tommy Tuberville and Bradley Byrne have abandoned any pretense of running a positive campaign. But it is not surprising: both candidates are trailing in the polls, and when politicians like Tuberville and Byrne are losing, they become desperate and afraid. Both Tuberville and Byrne have quit on themselves and their campaigns. Neither can connect with voters on the merits of their ideas. It is sad to see them both descend to such a sleazy, low point.

“If their baseless, desperate attacks continue, they will be forcefully answered.

“The key issue for Alabamians is who will most effectively and forcefully fight for their conservative values and interests, such as ending illegal immigration, protecting our jobs from unfair foreign competition, defending religious freedom, and further advancing the strong Trump economy.”

Bradley Byrne is currently clogging up the airways with desperate attacks on Senator Sessions.

From October through today, Tommy Tuberville and his allies have maliciously attacked and maligned Jeff Sessions by name dozens of times, in speeches, in print, on radio and TV, and on social media.

The following is a representative sample:

Breitbart: “Jeff Sessions 2020 U.S. Senate Run Speculation Persists. — GOP Front-Runners Tuberville, Byrne Defiant in Response.” (29 Oct 2019):

In the last month, speculation that Sessions could seek a return to his old U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) has been in full swing. Late Monday, the buzz was amplified with stories from Politico and The New York Times.

Breitbart News has learned Sessions himself has been in touch with at least one of the current GOP candidates about entering the fray and has had calls made on his behalf seeking campaign consulting help on a 2020 bid.

In a statement given to Breitbart News from Tuberville’s campaign, the former football coach touted his outsider credentials and took a shot at Sessions.

“If the voters of Alabama want a career politician as their next U.S. Senator, then they have plenty of choices. If they want a political outsider who will actually stand with President Trump and fight the DC establishment when it matters the most, I am the only choice. Jeff Sessions had a chance to stand and defend the President and he failed.”

Yellowhammer News: “Tuberville releases video contrasting himself, Sessions, rest of field — ‘Not a career politician.'” (November 7, 2019).


By the time Sessions announced his run Thursday, multiple negative ads disparaging the former senator were online. The ad calling Sessions a “traitor” uses a portion of speech where the president has harsh words for his former attorney general.

“The attorney general said, ‘I’m going to recuse myself,’ and I said, ‘Why the hell didn’t he tell me that before I put him in?’ He’s bad, he’s a bad, bad guy,” says Trump in the video.

“Time for Jeff to hang up the cleats. Say no to traitor Jeff Sessions,” adds a narrator at the end of the clip.

The ad was released by GRIT PAC, a conservative expenditure committee supporting the candidacy of former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville.

Washington Examiner: “Coach Tommy Tuberville commits unsportsmanlike conduct in Alabama Senate race.” (January 7, 2020):

As the wacky, high-profile Senate race in Alabama heats up with one top candidate’s release of a new TV ad, another major contender, former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville, is proving to be just another mud-slinging politician.

Predictably, Tuberville proves it in the very campaign literature that repeatedly proclaims he is not a typical career politician. The unintentional self-parody is almost priceless.

The first lines of his Dec. 5 fundraising mailer blast fellow candidate Jeff Sessions as a “career politician.” It continues: “One thing I am not is a career politician. In fact, I got in this race because I was tired of weak-kneed career politicians not following through on promises to Alabamans. That’s the difference between Jeff Sessions and me.”

Yellowhammer News: Tommy Tuberville goes on offense — ‘Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions turned on our president’ (January 20).

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