Over the past few weeks, multiple new revelations have added to the growing evidence that the Chinese communist authorities intentionally covered up the Wuhan Virus and kept the world in the dark for China’s own gain as the virus spread. These new revelations include a leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security, a joint report from the prestigious Five Eyes intelligence alliance, and confirmation from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. In light of these revelations, Jeff Sessions released the following statement:

“The Chinese communist government has been lying to its own people and to the world. The Chinese response to the Wuhan Virus was not mere inaction or incompetence, but a malicious and intentional effort to cover-up the outbreak and prevent the world from taking it seriously until it was too late to stop the spread. Worse yet, the Chinese communist government continues to lie about the virus today. They must be held accountable, and we must get to the bottom of exactly what they knew, when they knew it, and the actions they took that plunged the world into this pandemic.

“Today, I am renewing my call for the creation of a Select Committee of Congress to investigate the origins and cover-up of the Wuhan Virus. We have used similar committees in the past at pivotal moments in our nation’s history, including after the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the Watergate scandal, after the Iran-Contra Affair, and others. The seriousness of this preventable global pandemic calls for an equally serious response. 

“But a serious investigation is not the end: It is the beginning. Once we discover the truth and forever set the record straight about China’s actions, we will then be able to take stern action to hold the Chinese government accountable. We already have much of the information that we need. Just a few of those highlights include:

  • On January 1, Chinese authorities arrested eight medical professionals in Wuhan who tried heroically to warn their colleagues and the world about the Wuhan Virus. The Chinese authorities forced them to sign statements saying their warnings were false rumors. At least one of those doctors has since died of the Wuhan Virus.
  • On January 14, Chinese authorities told the World Health Organization (WHO) that there was no human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan Virus, a statement which the WHO amplified to the world. Leaked Chinese government documents reported by the Associated Press show that, by January 14, China had already secretly concluded that it had a pandemic on its hands and was stockpiling medical supplies while it misled the world. 
  • In February, two Chinese researchers at the South China University of Technology published a paper that concluded the Wuhan Virus probably leaked from a Chinese bio lab in Wuhan, China. The paper has since been withdrawn at the same time as similar statements have been censored by Chinese authorities. The Chinese government continues to deny that the Wuhan Virus was leaked from the bio lab. 
  • On April 1, Bloomberg News reported on a leaked, classified intelligence report by the U.S. intelligence community that concluded China had intentionally faked its virus infection and death numbers—and continues to do so—to blame others for the pandemic they caused.
  • Just days ago, a Department of Homeland Security report found that, during the weeks where the Chinese government was telling the world that the virus was under control, it was secretly cutting exports of medical supplies and hoarding gloves, masks, and other medical supplies from other countries. While the rest of the world was misled to underestimate the virus, China quickly scooped up available medical supplies all over the world. 
  • This weekend, a leaked intelligence report by the ‘Five Eyes’ (a key intelligence partnership between the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) concluded that China knew the Wuhan Virus was a contagion at least as early as early December 2019, yet continued to claim that it wasn’t until January 19, 2020.
  • In March, a University of Southampton study concluded that, had China revealed the full scope of the Wuhan Virus and the world had taken appropriate action even three weeks earlier, 95 percent of the infections could have been prevented. 
  • Also this weekend, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on ABC’s This Week: ‘We can confirm that the Chinese Communist Party did all that it could do to make sure that the world didn’t learn in a timely fashion about what was taking place.’ 

“China has long sought to portray itself as a respectable member of the world.. It has sought to expand its influence, select the leadership of international organizations like the WHO, and pursue its stated goal of dominating the entire world. 

“Whether China’s goal in covering up the Wuhan Virus was merely to save face, to deprive the world of critical medical supplies, or something even more nefarious, its actions and brutal censorship are unacceptable for any respectable nation. We must know exactly what they did and what they planned to do. 

“China now faces a choice: Will it be a responsible nation, or an outlaw nation? Outlaw nations lie, they cover up the danger, and they protect only their own special interests at the cost of innocent lives. If China is to be a responsible nation, it must come clean about the Wuhan Virus and allow complete transparency and accountability. If China chooses to remain an outlaw nation, then it will find that every country in the world must reevaluate how they interact with them.. 

“Whenever the communist government of China commits crimes or is caught in a scandal, its practice is always to deny, deflect blame, and spread conspiracies to implicate nations like the United States. It has found that, if it maintains its denial long enough, the world eventually moves on and the Chinese communist regime gets away with it.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently created her own committee in the House of Representatives to micromanage President Trump’s response to the Wuhan Virus and harass the administration. She and the other China apologists are focusing on the wrong thing. With some exceptions, Republicans in Congress have enabled her by keeping silent about China. It’s time for Republicans and Democrats alike to get off their duff and stop allowing China to twist the narrative and avoid accountability. 

“We are done allowing China to simply deflect and deny. This time, the United States and the world cannot allow China to get away with it, not after all of the damage they have caused and lives they have destroyed.”

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