Jeff sessions remembers his friend Tom Coburn

Jeff Sessions issued the following statement honoring and remembering the life and work of Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who passed away on Friday:

“I loved Tom Coburn. He was a ferocious defender of the public interest and his eyes flashed at any hint of actions or policies that sought to benefit the few or well connected at the expense of the many. And, in carrying out these beliefs he was fearless and tireless. It was awesome and inspiring to see him work. A good example of his approach was the funding of emergencies. He supported disaster relief, but such was his passion for responsible spending that he would fight to offset the new costs with reductions in less critical or even wasteful spending.  I often joined him in these efforts. And sometimes he won! But always it was a tough battle that produced much unfair criticism. To which he was unfazed. 

“I vividly remember, and have often quoted, a time when Tom got tired of a prolonged Republican discussion about the need to raise more campaign money. Tom said, ‘If you have votes you don’t need money!’  Indeed, he had votes because the people of Oklahoma knew him, admired him, were proud of him and loved him. And so did I, and so did so many other patriots all over this land. Mary and I join with many millions in expressing our sympathy to this wonderful family and countless friends who grieve at this loss, but let us take inspiration from this powerful, faithful and beneficial life so boldly lived.”

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