Jeff Sessions Releases Latest Ad, “WARRIOR FOR TRUTH”

This morning Jeff Sessions announced his latest television ad called “Warrior for Truth.” The ad will begin running today in Alabama.

“This is a very unique moment in our nation’s history. With President Trump, we have a window of opportunity that may never come again to end lawlessness at our border, enact trade deals to protect American works, and stop the dire threat of socialism from radical voices on the left like Bernie Sanders,” Sessions remarked. 

“Talk is cheap and action matters. That is why I want the people of Alabama to know that I haven’t changed. I will continue to be President Trump’s No. 1 supporter in the Senate because I understand his platform and message better than anyone. I’ve stood up to the establishment in Washington before, and I’m ready to seize the moment again as a Warrior for Truth,” Sessions said. 

Transcript of “Warrior for Truth”:

Some people ask me, Jeff, why are you running for the Senate again?

Because America’s worth fighting for, that’s why.

Socialists threaten our country, and President Trump needs our help NOW.

Others talk big about Trump, hoping to get your vote.

But talk is cheap.

I’ve been with him from the start because it’s the right thing for America.

Republicans in Washington are too soft. Trump needs a warrior for truth.

Let’s seize the moment. I’m Jeff Sessions; I approved this ad. 

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