Jeff sessions releases ad: Tommy Tuberville – the FLORIDA PHONY

This afternoon, Jeff Sessions announced his latest television ad called “FLORIDA MAN.” The ad will begin running today in Alabama.

Tommy Tuberville is essentially a tourist in Alabama – he livesvotes, and pays taxes in Florida.

Jon Jones, campaign manager for Jeff Sessions for U.S. Senate said, “Alabama will not give away our voice in the U.S. Senate to a person who grew up in Arkansas, retired in Florida, and merely stopped here for a few years. In fact, just last year, he admitted ‘Yes, I am not an everyday resident of Alabama.’ Further, he flatly stated twice, ‘I am a carpetbagger.’ Those are his words.”

“Florida Phony Tommy Tuberville is an out-of-state, out-of-work football coach who doesn’t know or understand Alabama, or the issues Alabamians care about. Let’s be honest – Tommy Tuberville is a big talking phony. He is playing a character on TV, but that’s not who he is. He’s the guy who said he would only leave Ole Miss in a pine box,” Jones said.

“Tommy Tuberville always puts himself first. He gets fired from or quits every job. In the first 65 years of his life, Tuberville never lifted a finger in the battle for conservative ideals. He never helped President Trump, he never said a kind word about President Trump, he never even gave a single penny of his millions to help President Trump get elected. But now that he wants our vote, he is all about Trump. How convenient. Tommy Tuberville is a Florida Phony who is all about himself and he is just using President Trump for his own purposes,” Jones concluded. 

Transcript of “FLORIDA MAN”:

ANNC: Big announcement by Tommy Tuberville.

TUBERVILLE: After 40 years of coaching football, I hung up my whistle and moved to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, with the white sands and the blue water – what a great place to live.

ANNC: Florida?

TUBERVILLE: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida….

ANNC: Not Alabama?

TUBERVILLE: I’m gonna be the next U.S. Senator from the state of Alabama.

ANNC: What? No you’re not. Tuberville’s a phony. He’s not from Alabama. He lives and votes in Florida. When this campaign is over, he’ll go back to Florida.

JEFF SESSIONS: I’m Jeff Sessions and I approve this ad.

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