Jeff Sessions is releasing the second plank in his new and bold strategic plan for the United States to confront the communist regime in China, called “BETTING ON AMERICA: STANDING UP TO CHINA’S COLD-BLOODED DRIVE FOR POWER.”

Plank #2 of Sessions’ “Bet on America” plan: Make American Medical Supplies in America. 

Sessions released this statement:

“The United States is critically exposed because we are too reliant on the communist Chinese government and other foreign nations for our medicines and lifesaving medical equipment. The Chinese Communist Party today controls the production and supply of too many goods and materials that are critical to America’s national security and our citizens’ public health. The Wuhan Virus pandemic has made it undeniably clear: we cannot ensure national security or safeguard public health if we continue to rely on nations like China for medicines, masks, gloves, or other lifesaving equipment. 

“This must stop. One fundamental principle of resetting our relationship with China is this: ‘If we need it here, we must be able to make it here.’

“For far too long, lawmakers have stood by and allowed our critical supply chains to fall prey to the Chinese communist government’s manipulative trade policies and military expansion that have cost us control over our medicines, technology, critical infrastructure, and other important systems and materials that are critical to our national security. This must end immediately! 

“This crisis has revealed to us the danger we face. We will not put the health, safety, and security of Americans at the mercy of the brutal communist party that controls Beijing. 

“That is why the second plank of my ‘Betting on America’ plan calls for the United States to immediately bring back our medical and lifesaving medical equipment manufacturing capabilities. Last year alone, the United States imported approximately $150 billion in drugs and $45 billion in medical equipment. In some categories, we have completely stopped producing important equipment and drugs for ourselves. For example, factories in the United States have stopped making generic antibiotics altogether. 

“We must implement a strong ‘Buy American’ policy so that a minimum of 75% of all medicines, medical equipment, and medical supplies purchased with federal dollars are made in the United States.

“All federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Medicaid must purchase American-made drugs, masks, gloves, and other critical healthcare supplies.

“President Trump has already started taking strong and effective measures to confront China that have enhanced America’s trading position and our agriculture exports. This is a good start.

“As President Trump’s economic adviser, Peter Navarro, recently said at a White House press briefing, ‘Never again should we rely on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures.’

“America need not shut itself off entirely from purchasing international medical products. And we know that the real threat is the Chinese Communist Party, not the good people of China. But we must maintain a strong, American supply chain and ensure that we have the capability to make the products ourselves when international production is threatened or insufficient. By mandating that federally-purchased medical supplies are made in America, we will guarantee the existence of an American manufacturing capability available in times of crisis.  

“Certainly, if we’re spending American tax dollars, we should look first for American-made products, made by American workers.

“Our over-reliance on China is beyond doubt.. More than 90% of all of our antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen (generic Advil), and more than 70% of our acetaminophen (generic Tylenol) are made in China. Eighty percent of our medical-grade face masks are made in China. And that’s just the beginning.

“Clearly, China cannot be trusted, as has again been made obvious in the past few months: 

  • Recently, Spain, Turkey, and the Czech Republic had to throw out hundreds of thousands of Wuhan Virus test kits made in China because they were faulty and couldn’t be trusted. 
  • Hundreds of thousands of medical face masks made in China were recently recalled from the Netherlands because their filters did not work as intended, despite having a quality check certificate from China. 
  • While China was actively covering up the Wuhan Virus outbreak, a Chinese government-backed property company in Australia and elsewhere secretly purchased in bulk more than three million surgical masks, hundreds of thousands of pairs of gloves, and large amounts of hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and other critical supplies to ship them back to China before anyone else knew the extent of the Wuhan Virus threat.
  • Amid the Wuhan Virus outbreak, the Chinese communist government has effectively nationalized many manufacturing plants—including American companies—there, preventing exports of medical face masks to the United States and elsewhere, instead claiming all of those masks for themselves.
  • An article in China’s state-run media agency, Xinhua, threatened that China could impose additional export controls on pharmaceutical drugs to the United States and ‘plunge [us] into the mighty sea of coronavirus.’ 

“We have long known that we were losing our manufacturing edge to China, as their unfair trade practices and dishonest tactics have lured business supply chains there at the expense of our national security. This pandemic is a wake-up call that this cannot continue. It threatens our security, our economy, and the well-being of American citizens. 

“While we cannot know what the future holds with our relationship with China, the goal of peace and prosperity will not be advanced by a U.S. policy that does not monitor and aggressively respond to every illegal and unfair practice of this regime. A sound and long-term relationship cannot be founded on such practices. Business as usual is over.

“In the coming days, I will be releasing additional planks of my ‘Betting on America’ plan to address the Chinese communist government’s dishonest trade tactics and level the playing field for American companies. But first, we must ensure that we have the capability in the United States so that we will never again rely on any hostile nation for our critical medicines and lifesaving equipment. 

“America is done being held hostage by foreign nations. We must become independent again, and my plan will get us there. It won’t happen overnight—it will take dogged determination by our nation’s lawmakers. I have been on the front-lines battling China’s communist government; I have seen the facts. I will not be intimidated by them, and I will provide some much-needed backbone in the United States Senate.”

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