Jeff Sessions, candidate for the U.S. Senate from Alabama, today announced a new television ad called “Desperate Attacks.” The ad directly responds to desperate and false attacks from Tommy Tuberville and Bradley Byrne, and highlights the fact that Sessions was the only Senator to stand with Donald Trump in the early days of Trump’s candidacy for President. The ad will start immediately and will be seen by Alabama voters statewide.

“It is unfortunate that Tommy Tuberville and Bradley Byrne have resorted to desperate and false attacks on Jeff Sessions,” said Sessions’ campaign spokesman John Rogers. “Tommy Tuberville just can’t find a positive message that connects with Alabamians. He’s too busy attacking President Trump.” 

“Tuberville said it was ‘Donald Trump’s fault’ that illegal immigrants are getting ‘cell phones, health care, everything they want.’ Tuberville said he disagrees with the President’s tough stance on China, and charged that the President has failed our veterans. Tuberville needs to cut out the false attacks on Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump,” Rogers concluded. 

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