Jeff Sessions Demands Answers from WHO on Chinese Virus Cover-Up

Today, Jeff Sessions issued a letter to World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus demanding answers to thirteen (13) key questions about the WHO’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its suspicious relationship with China. Sessions demanded transparency, asking the WHO to make available to the world its communications with the Chinese Communist regime related to the Wuhan Virus.

In the letter, Sessions noted that the United States has consistently been the single largest contributor to the WHO. Over the past two years, the U.S. has given nearly $900 million to the organization—over 20 percent of its budget.

“The world needs answers to these questions and needs them now. No more delays, no more whitewash, no more double-talk. The truth—the full, unvarnished truth—is essential in holding the guilty parties accountable and preventing disasters like this from reoccurring,” Sessions said.

Sessions’ letter comes as the 2020 World Health Assembly convenes, and at least 120 nations have called for an inquiry into the pandemic’s origins and handling. Sessions also insisted that the WHO not lead the investigation since it played a key role in disseminating misinformation and defending China’s stone-walling. China has publicly threatened Australia after its leaders demanded a full, and fair inquiry. China now claims it supports an investigation—but only if led by the WHO and if delayed until the pandemic is over.

Sessions said, “China’s call, in reality, is for an extended delay of any investigation and for it to be conducted by the WHO which would be, in effect, a whitewash. This is totally unacceptable. No investigation led or directed by the Chinese-compromised WHO will be a free and fair inquiry. It would be a farce to allow China’s stooges at the WHO to investigate themselves and their allies in Beijing.”

The novel coronavirus currently gripping the world originated in Wuhan, China under mysterious and intentionally obscured circumstances. The Chinese government lied about it for months, arrested hundreds of Chinese regime critics, and jailed physicians, scientists, and journalists. It denied the CDC and the WHO access to investigate the disease, and misled the world to buy itself time to stockpile and hoard critical medical gear from other nations. The WHO acted as a willing mouthpiece to propagate Beijing’s lies and delay declaring Coronavirus a global pandemic. Meanwhile, the WHO misled the world and fought to allow infected Chinese travelers to spread the virus across the globe. Millions have become seriously ill and over a million have already died.

“The world must wake-up to the truth about China and demand accountability of the duped WHO. The Chinese Communist Party is an outlaw regime, not a responsible one. Communist China’s cover-up is one of the greatest crimes of our lifetime, and the WHO aided and abetted those actions every step of the way. Director General Tedros owes his job to the Chinese and has willingly done their bidding,” Sessions continued.

Sessions repeated his call for a “Pearl Harbor-like” investigation that would muster the power and resources of Congress to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and hold the responsible parties accountable.

“I ask that the WHO stand down and allow independent experts conduct the investigation. The United States government should participate and run its own inquiry to be published apart from any international panel. We will not and cannot accept a sham investigation conducted by and for those who executed this cover-up.”