Jeff sessions announces Launch of Plan to Combat China

Beginning today, and over the coming weeks, Jeff Sessions will be releasing pieces of a new and bold strategic plan for the United States to confront the communist regime in China, called “BETTING ON AMERICA: STANDING UP TO CHINA’S COLD-BLOODED DRIVE FOR POWER.”

For many years, Jeff Sessions has warned Americans of the dangers inherent in America’s weak and failed strategy toward China, including the military, diplomatic, economic, and personal security threat posed by the adversarial communist regime. Now, in terrible circumstances, China’s true lack of honesty and morality have been unmasked for the world to see.

As he introduced “Betting on America,” Jeff Sessions issued the following statement: 

“The Coronavirus pandemic makes clear how deceitful, brutal, and ruthless the godless communist Chinese government is. They lied about the disease, covered it up, suppressed and imprisoned truth-tellers, and outrageously suggested the Chinese virus was an American conspiracy. This is an evil regime, plain and simple. To be clear, the adversary here is the action of the Chinese Communist Party, not the people of China. 

“America must now fundamentally reset our relationship with China. This is no time for half-measures or a slap on the wrist. This Chinese-made global health crisis should be a wake-up call. China is lying and people are dying. Enough is enough.  

“Our real objective must be to obliterate America’s dependence on China. And make no mistake, we have become dependent on this ruthless communist Chinese government. For too long, big business elites in Washington and on Wall Street have cozied up to the Chinese because it made them rich, while thousands of Americans lost their jobs. This. Must. Stop.

“I’ve been fighting to hold China accountable; often, it has been a very lonely fight.  But now, anyone who believes that this global pandemic, and possible global recession, is not the fault of the communist Chinese government is either completely ignorant of the facts, or is willfully and purposefully perpetuating a lie.

“The world has now seen clearly how this communist regime has blatantly lied on a great matter of life and death. But now we must also focus resolutely on their openly announced plan for economic growth and military domination that is also being advanced by lies, theft, and cheating. The days of giving the communist Chinese government a free pass are over.”

Jeff Sessions will be issuing the first plank of his “Betting on America” strategy on Wednesday.


Sessions has taken action to stop Chinese cheating and aggression and to defend American lives and livelihoods, including:

  • Advanced legislation to save American jobs from China by curbing Chinese currency manipulation, which artificially makes their products cheaper than American ones.
  • Protected American steelmakers and manufacturers by imposing tariffs on Chinese steel over unfair dumping practices. American steelmakers and the last remaining high-pressure steel cylinder manufacturer employ hundreds of Alabamians.
  • Defended American agricultural, aquaculture, and livestock industries and protected U.S. consumers from dangerous Chinese imports, including shrimp and catfish.
  • Worked to rebuild and maintain America’s defense capability against China by investing in state-of-the-art technology, facilities, and equipment including the naval fleet, the nuclear command, missile defense systems, and overall troop readiness.
  • Launched sweeping Department of Justice policies against China’s abuses: as Attorney General, Sessions launched the “China Initiative” to combat Beijing’s theft of American intellectual property, including defense technology, microchips, and wind turbines. The effort has resulted in over 50 indictments with 1,000 more open cases to date.

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