It’s Finally Over, but It’s Not Over

After three years of non-stop spurious allegations and continuous compromised investigations of President Trump, reasonable people would expect this tedious turmoil would finally end with Trump’s acquittal on both articles of impeachment.  Sadly, that would be wishful thinking. Democrats will never stop hounding Trump because he is an existential threat to their dreams of absolute power and visions of socialist domination. While Democrat’s fevered fabrications won’t end, Americans can end the incessant unfair persecution of President Trump by giving the House of Representatives back to Republicans in November.

    Democrats have done NOTHING since gaining the House in 2018 except nip at Trump’s heels.  They have not proposed any substantial legislation for the American people; the only things they have passed were Trump initiatives.  Since the media is again covering for Democrats, busy working Americans probably won’t hear any news reporting on the utter catastrophe impeachment has been for Democrats.

The impeachment has been a literal Schiff show.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed a hurried hyper partisan slipshod impeachment to consume and then escape her chamber of Congress.  Though it’s getting repetitive and tiresome, it still bears repeating because Democrats aren’t quitting – the purely partisan articles of impeachment alleged no crimes and only policy disagreements.  Therefore, Democrats wasted everyone’s time by not even charging impeachable offenses, but watch – they’re likely to do it again!

The Democrat/media complex will try to delegitimize Trump’s acquittal by insisting a trial without witnesses was unfair and provides no exoneration.  Patently untrue because there were 17 witnesses in the House inquiry. Witnesses and depositions gets into the detailed workings of law which supports the Republican Senate position, but it doesn’t matter.  Americans don’t need any legal explanations because they didn’t care about impeachment in first place. They’re tired of the relentless Washington bickering.

A year ago, there was not much hope the GOP could recapture the House, but the Democrats have infuriated Americans with their reckless nonsense and given Republicans a golden opportunity.  Trump has made America great again, so he is on a glide path to a landslide reelection. However, Republicans in the last three years resisted Trump for the first two years and then only did well to finally stand with Trump while Pelosi’s wild pack try to scourge him at every turn.  Republicans still have much work to do, but Democrats have angered Americans. The Trump base is motivated to vote for him again, but they are stoked to vote against every Democrat they can find.

A sound thrashing of the Democrat majority in the House will go a long way to restoring some modicum of sanity in Washington, but we must not forget we still have a deeply entrenched utterly corrupt bureaucracy undermining this administration.  While weaponizing government power for political schemes reached new depths under Obama, leftists have been steadily conquering the federal government the past three decades.

Democrats will continue their witch hunt probably by subpoenaing Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton which will result in no new information, but give Democrats fodder for a few more news cycles.  Senate Republicans must step up and expose this failed coup. They must get former National Security Council employees Eric Ciarmello, Sean Misko, and LTC Alexander Vindman under oath.

An Obama holdover, Ciarmello is the character ousted from the White House in 2017 for leaking.  Vindman is the traitor who listened to Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president and leaked it to his former NSC buddy, Ciarmello, now back at the CIA.  Ciarmello then colluded with their other former NSC pal, Misko, who was now on Congressman Adam Schiff’s staff! These known Trump hating Democrat activists cooked up this coup and ladled it to Schiff.

It looks like Americans will punish Democrats at the ballot box for their malfeasance, but our Republic won’t be safe until our intelligence agencies are purged.  Pray the Senate holds hearings and investigates the NSC; and Attorney General Bill Barr exposes all the criminality and corruption at the FBI and CIA. From the FBI spying on Trump to the NSC trying to overthrow Trump, there is more than a bit of sedition to go around.  Our republic can only survive if these cancerous culprits are held culpable to the full extent of the law. Some of these traitors must go to jail, so it can be over for at least a while.

“Ah, you destroyer, who yourself have not been destroyed, you traitor, whom none has betrayed! When you have ceased to destroy, you will be destroyed; and when you have finished betraying, they will betray you.”  Isaiah 33:1

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