It’s Democrats that Refuse to Accept Elections

In 2016 when Fox’s Chris Wallace asked Candidate Trump if he would accept the election results and he simply said he would have to consider the circumstances at that time, Hillary Clinton howled that’s “horrifying.”  Then she, Obama, and every other wannabe Democrat pundit lectured Trump about the Constitution and boasted how loyal they have been to our electoral process.  They breathlessly warned Americans that Trump was a renegade that would not abide by the Constitution nor accept the will of the people.  The irony is incredible and comical for it has been Hillary Clinton who has refused to accept the 2016 elections results for almost four years now.  She is still whining to anyone that will listen that she was cheated by rednecks, Russians, or maybe just registered voters.  And that Democrat homage for the Constitution when they thought Hillary would win was quickly abandoned; and they renewed their crusade to abolish the Electoral College.

    Let’s examine the history of Democrat Party respect for elections.  The very first elected Republican president was assassinated in 1865!  Four of five presidents shot in office were Republicans: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and Ronald Reagan.  John F. Kennedy was the only Democrat president assassinated, but he was more conservative than either of the Bush presidents and would be roundly rejected by today’s Democrat Party.

    Democrats have an affinity for totalitarian tactics and no aversion to the use of force to attain political goals.  Democrats started the Civil War because they lost an election to Republicans and refused to accept that outcome and the imminent changes coming from a Republican Administration.  When they lost that war, Democrats founded the Klu Klux Klan as the para-military arm of the Democrat Party to resist civil rights reforms by intimidating blacks and sympathetic whites.

    Democrats absolutely would not tolerate elections where black votes might elect Republicans, so they instituted Jim Crow laws to deny blacks the right to vote.  After President Lyndon Johnson cynically coopted the black vote with empty promises of equality and access to the treasury, Democrat condoned violence as a political tactic started its resurgence.  After the 1968 election of Republican President Richard Nixon, 1969 was a tumultuous year of violent rioting similar to 2020 as all manner of malcontent leftist groups set about burning or looting something to convince Americans conservatives were mean.

    President Reagan was shot in 1983, but he recovered.  Reagan’s popular support was so overwhelming and vast that Democrats deviated from violence to try a new a tactic.  They tried to convince Americans Reagan was an amiable dunce and just too dumb to govern, but Americans weren’t fooled.  As a globalist, President George H. W. Bush was tolerable to Democrats as they set up for the 1992 election and somehow employed a rambunctious Texan libertarian to siphon enough votes from the elder Bush to deny him reelection.

    Perfecting voter fraud over decades, Democrats never accepted the election of President George W. Bush in 2000.  It was a close election, so Democrats were convinced they had stolen that election fair and square.  They always rejected the younger Bush as an illegitimate president and used that premise to undermine him for eight years.

    Arrogant and over confident in 2016, Democrats were flabbergasted when Trump pulled out an amazing upset victory over their beloved bewitched Hillary.  Just weeks before when certain of victory, President Obama scolded Trump for any notion that anyone could tamper with our elections, but as soon as Hillary lost there was a crushing conspiratorial chorus that the Russians had somehow stolen the election with a couple hundred thousand dollars in Facebook ads.  Democrats and the media fueled the Russia hoax for nearly three years to remove Trump.  When that failed, Democrats hurriedly cobbled together a Ukrainian hoax to impeach Trump, but again failed to remove him.

    By this election year, Democrats are still contesting the 2016 election, but now they have already turned their attention to discrediting the 2020 election before any votes are even cast.  They ominously surmise Trump won’t leave office if he loses, so they must prepare for extraordinary measures like having the military remove President Trump.

    In full panic mode, Democrats are trying to shut down the economy with pandemic paranoia and fanning the flames of urban rioting all to damage Trump.  But beware, the current unrest is prelude to the election.  Former presidential candidate, John Kerry, recently warned that there will be a revolution if Trump is reelected.  Democrats have not accepted any election where a Republican won this century; and folks they are already telling us they will not accept the results this November.

    This is not new.  The Democrat Party has a long history of refuting elections with violence.  2020 is dangerously similar to 1860.  Democrats know a second Trump term will devastate their socialist designs for at least a generation, so faced with losing all their progress towards socialism, Democrats are signaling they are willing to employ violence to again reject the results of an election.  They know their ideas cannot win at the ballot box, so they will again try to use force to thwart the will of the people.  This is how Leftists impose their agenda and seize power, so don’t be surprised.  The current riots are only the warm up, so Americans must rebuke the rioters and rebuff their enablers in November; or it will get much worse.

    “The LORD tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.”  Psalm 11:5

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