It Was Never Really That Close

    By the time you read this, the election will be over and President Trump handily reelected.  Having to write and submit this column before Election Day to be published the day after is difficult and perhaps foolish.  But who wants to read mealy mouth timid political opinions?  So here is not a blind shot but a bold assertion of what we believe and know.

    The past four years, Americans have enjoyed the best economy in over a generation.  With aggressive trade policies and deregulation, President Trump revived American manufacturing and created millions of jobs driving unemployment to historic lows especially among minorities.  And for the first time in decades, real wages rose for all Americans.  Couple that with the Trump tax cuts and working Americans actually had more money for their families.  In a Gallup Poll, 56% of Americans feel they are better off than four years ago.

    The Chinese virus pandemic was certainly a gut punch, but the Trump Administration met the challenge head on.  Americans watched Trump work tirelessly to rush aid to hurting states and mobilize American industrial might to be sure we had no shortages and everything we needed.  No one in America was denied a ventilator.  Trump knew the dangers to our economy (his greatest strength), but he took swift action to protect us with early travel bans and then swifter action to reopen the economy.  He promised a V-shaped recovery.  The second quarter GDP contracted 32%, but as promised the third quarter GDP rebounded a stunning 33%!  Millions of jobs have already returned and companies everywhere are hiring again.

    Illegal immigration was a top issue in 2016, but it’s barely mentioned in 2020 because Trump has effectively addressed it.  After thirty years of empty promises, Trump is building the southern border wall.  Illegal immigration is way down, but with a Republican Congress, voters fully expect Trump to finally tackle immigration reform in his second term.

    Unlike his predecessors the past thirty years, Trump has not started any new wars; he has been steadily bringing our troops home.  He strengthened NATO by making our allies pay their fair share.  He also made America energy independent for the first time in eighty years, so we are no longer dependent on hostile nations; and adversaries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela have been deprived copious oils revenues for their nefarious activities.  He wiped out ISIS and put our enemies on their heels; and then brokered FOUR Middle East peace deals!  Despite his snarky detractors, Trump has brought peace and international stability.  Before Trump, Americans thought terrorism was hopelessly intractable, but now they feel safe again!

    Promises made; promises kept!  Americans know President Trump has delivered for them and their families.  They know Trump puts America first and they appreciate it; and that is the part of the equation the press and pundits just cannot grasp.  They have been nervously trying to measure Democrats verses Republicans, but this year voters are NOT motivated by party.  They are motivated by love of country, so they are turning out in droves to support their president that also loves America and puts America first!

        This past year Americans watched in horror as American cities were burned and looted.  They were shocked as statues were toppled and our institutions and traditions were mercilessly maligned as hopelessly flawed and racist.  They were incensed as law enforcement was attacked and disparaged.  Americans intrinsically know America is a good and noble country.  They know our Constitutional Republic is our only hope for preserving our freedom.  Americans are tired of being ridiculed for their faith and patriotism.  They have been shouting at their TVs and waiting for the opportunity to be heard.  That opportunity was Election Day and they are coming out to make it known to all that they love America and the president that is their champion.

    Like 2016, the polls are patently wrong because again they tried to shape the outcome rather than measure the electorate.  Actually, seeing Trump’s victory was no great assumption; we only need believe our eyes and hearts.  The enthusiasm gap was off the charts with only tens showing up for Joe Biden and tens of thousands of screaming fans showing up for Trump.  Always showing up in a mask of defeat, Biden scolded us with doom and gloom and a “dark winter.”  Trump has been positive delivering a consistently optimistic message that the best is yet to come and with his stellar record Americans believe him.

    Predicting a Trump win was not simple optimism or a leap of faith, but rather supreme confidence in the American people to stand up to fight for America and deliver for a president that delivered for them.  So as you read this President Trump was reelected by a much greater margin than 2016, Republicans kept the Senate, and Trump’s coattails probably flipped the House.  And you will realize the fake media has been lying to you because it was never really that close.  God bless America and together let’s make her great again!

    “For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.”  1 Peter 2:15

    Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

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