Is Sessions flip-flopping on China?

Like a freshly caught red snapper just pulled into the boat, Jeff Sessions is flip-flopping on his stance about trade with communist China. Now that former U.S. Attorney General Sessions is in the political fight of his life trying to redeem his name after being accused of disloyalty to the president and siding with the Washington swamp and the Clintons, he is talking tough on China. However, when it came time to actually put pen to paper, Ol’ China Jeff decided on more “con-Sessions” for Chinese trade.

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic crippled the American economy and struck fear into the hearts of people across the nation, Jeff Sessions has been getting in almost every microphone that’ll have him claiming that China should be held fully accountable for the spreading pandemic around the world. I said “almost every” because in full transparency, our multiple interview requests by Bama News Now have been refused by the Sessions campaign. However, when it came time to hold China fully accountable for their human rights abuses, and their lack of freedoms afforded to their citizens, and the cheating games they like to play in world trade, China Jeff again sided with the Washington elite instead of the people of Alabama.

On September 17, 2000, when given the opportunity to hold China fully accountable for their trade practices, China Jeff chose to side with China against the people of Alabama and fair trade by voting for permanent normal trade relations status for communist China. This cleared the way for President Clinton to sign that bill into law. Only days after this vote, China Jeff voted to increase the number of H-1B visas available to Chinese citizens by 80,000 visas. That is a clear departure from his current “tough on immigration” stances. This vote took valuable slots at colleges and valuable jobs away from hard working Alabamians and allowed leftist West Coast tech companies like Google and Microsoft to keep wages in the emerging tech sector artificially low.

Sounds like Jeff Sessions was infected by a China virus, just not the one from Wuhan. This virus was more about putting green in his own pocketbook at the expense of Alabamians.

President Trump was elected in part to fix the mess that China Jeff and the swampers (Not the ones from Muscle Shoals, sadly) created with their Chinese trade policy and lax immigration. President Trump also had to clean up the mess that China Jeff made in the Justice Department when he sided with the swampers in the Russian investigation and the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Fortunately, come July 14th, the people and the voters of Alabama have the opportunity to throw this red snapper that’s just a little too red back out to sea before he has the chance to do another flip flop.

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