Impeachment 2.0 Exposed the GOP

Even after President Trump had left office, the Washington swamp could not let their hatred of the man and penchant for vengeance go.  They demanded a Soviet style show trial to vent their partisan machinations.  Like all other totalitarians before, they want to destroy Trump personally and erase him from the American body politic.  It wasn’t just Trump they were after; the ruling elite wanted to malign every Trump supporter as domestic terrorists so they could sever Trump from his base and shame his supporters for ever having supported him. 

            Although there was no chance of convicting President Trump, Democrats insisted on a silly unconstitutional impeachment hoping to mortally wound him.  Trump again escaped their nefarious purely political schemes, but they snagged an incompetent weak Republican Party in their snares.  The entire premise that President Trump incited violence that pales in comparison to any Saturday night in Chicago is absurd.  He plainly encouraged his followers to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”  That is an essential American right.

            Regardless, Democrats moaned incessantly about their fear and the supposed insurrection.  Democrats were wholly unconcerned when ANTIFA/BLM was burning and looting American cities last year, but let an angry citizenry show up in Washington and they would be offended and frightened.  Aided by the feckless media, Democrats twisted the noble protests by the American people on 6 January 2021 into some nightmarish cross between Auschwitz and Pearl Harbor.

            It was a set up.  Leftist agitators got into the Capitol to commit vandalism and violence and thereby besmirch the entire movement while hundreds of thousands of patriots protested outside the Capitol unaware.  But no matter about truth; the fake news narrative is simply that “Orange Man” is bad and his supporters worse.  We expect such duplicity from the Democrat Media Complex, but when Republicans join these shameless shenanigans, we must recognize their betrayal and hold them accountable.

            First, six Republicans joined Democrats to vote the impeachment of a president NOT in office was Constitutional which was so bizarre and surreal that it challenges credulity.  After a completely nonsensical impeachment sham of off the charts partisan hyperbole, seven traitorous Republicans joined fifty dishonest Democrats to convict President Trump of nothing more than asking the rule of law be enforced.

            Americans are not fooled by this partisan nonsense and incensed at the political grandstanding by both parties.  The impeachment was a despicable charade, but worse is the incontrovertible evidence that too many Republicans will not stand for justice or freedom.

            It is inescapable; the Republican Party has completely failed the American people.  Our nation has endured a Biological Warfare attack and Cyber Attack by China, but Republicans won’t admit it.  China aided Democrats in stealing the American presidency and threatening our very Republic, but Republicans like the Pharisees were more worried about the decorum and dignity of the halls of Congress which they had already hopelessly tainted than the loss of election integrity, a cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic.

            There are some courageous Republicans, but the party as a whole only seeks to serve itself and somehow stupidly believes it can make a comeback under the one party rule now established by Democrat rigged elections.  The Republican Party has nobly been losing ground since President Reagan.  They finally had a champion in President Trump that could defeat Democrats and enact the conservative agenda for peace and prosperity, but they abandoned him and some even turned on him.

            There were the obvious turncoats voting against Trump, but even McConnell, Graham, and Gowdy demurred some culpability to Trump.  So we must take a candid accounting here.  Are Republicans afraid to win?  Or are they really just rooting for globalism at a slower pace?  We now know the answer.  The Republican Party only wants power and even if it’s only a seat at the globalist table.  The Republican Party did not fight for the Constitution when the Chinese Democrat Party stole the presidency; they surrendered to the Washington power structure.

            The American people must realize the Republican Party will talk the talk, but not walk the walk.  For at least two decades the GOP has been a decoy to allow Democrats to draw America closer and closer to globalism and socialism.  So if we conservatives are being drawn to the slaughter under the Republican banner, why should we march to the death of our Republic with those that betrayed us?  Why not march to the guillotine under the banner we are willing to die for, “America First?!”

            “When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders.  ‘I have sinned,’ he said, ‘for I have betrayed innocent blood.’  ‘What is that to us?’ they replied. ‘That’s your responsibility.’”  Matthew 27:3-4

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