Impeaching American Voters and the Constitution

    Impeach is defined as “to charge with a crime or misdemeanor” or it also means “to cast doubt on.”  In the hurried hyper-partisan House Impeachment inquiry against President Trump, the House failed to make any criminal charges or even connections unlike the bipartisan impeachment of Bill Clinton with eleven criminal charges citing specific statutes.  The two articles of impeachment passed without a single Republican vote were purposely nebulous.

    The two articles, “abuse of power” and “obstruction of congress,” were obviously made broad, so fevered Democrat minds could insert any act by Trump they consider objectionable, which is literally everything he does including breathing.  The obstruction article will most likely be summarily dismissed because the alleged offense was Trump denying testimony of his staff to the House inquiry. This is not first time claims of executive privilege have been disputed by Congress; and Congress can protest such claims to the judiciary.  However, Speaker Pelosi declared the threat by Trump was so dangerous and urgent; the nation could not afford to wait for the courts, so she went straight to impeachment. And then she sat on it for 33 days.

    The three branches of our government are intended to balance each other and they do that by struggling for power.  The House didn’t want to pursue their claim by struggling through channels; they just want to take the executive branch out of the balance entirely.  

The abuse of power article is laughable.  Every president has great latitude in implementing foreign policy; and ALL foreign aid has conditions.  The funny thing is President Trump actually gave Ukraine the military aid President Obama denied them while they were being attacked by Russia (is that what Obama meant by “more flexibility?”).  The president also has the duty to investigate corruption where ever it leads. Democrats saw no problem when the Obama administration asked Ukraine to reopen an investigation into Trump’s then Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, in 2016.

Democrats literally want Americans to believe if President Trump does his job but not in accordance with their preferences, well then he must be abusing his power because Democrats don’t like what he is doing.  It’s that simple and silly. Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said the House not only failed to make a case for impeachment, but “even if the factual allegations are true, they did not allege impeachable offenses.”  Basically, Trump is doing his job and Democrats disagree with his policies, so they want to fire him.

That is not impeachment as intended by the Constitution (to remove a president for some criminal activities), but rather the purely partisan play “to cast doubt” on Trump.  As Dershowitz plainly pointed out the founders rejected using impeachment politically. Most Americans have realized and been disgusted by this partisan nonsense, but we should be shocked and incensed Democrats are actually casting doubt on the Constitution and us!

Since Gore lost to Bush in 2000, Democrats have been moaning about the Constitution, but Trump’s victory in 2016 really sent them howling.  Now they are perverting the Constitution to effect a coup to remove a duly elected president; and when they fail, they will blame the Constitution as inadequate and obsolete.  They are desperately trying to impeach our Constitution, so Americans will doubt it.

During the House impeachment, Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Jerry Nadler said they must move to remove Trump now because they cannot trust the American voters to do it in the 2020 election.  In the Senate impeachment trial, Congressman Adam Schiff doubled down stating Trump’s alleged misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box because Trump cheats so much, how can we ever trust the results of an election?!  What?!

Despite the Mueller Report clearly stating “NOT ONE VOTE” was changed by Russian meddling in 2016, Democrats have been lying to Americans insisting the 2016 election of President Trump was illegitimate.  They know no votes were actually tampered with, so they swear Americans had to be duped by Russians to vote for Trump. And now, they are already trying to declare the 2020 election invalid. Yes, they are saying Americans are too stupid to be trusted with the vote, so the Senate must remove Trump now.

This is stunning.  Impeaching the American voter, Democrats are casting doubt on our election system and the capacity of American citizens to handle it.  Recall that the Mueller Report determined while the Russians did not actually manipulate any particular votes, their broader goal was to undermine the American government by sowing distrust among Americans of their governing institutions.

Well, who is casting doubt on our institutions and the American people themselves?!  In a brilliant opinion piece at CNN (yes, CNN), Scott Jennings nails it when he explains it is the Democrats playing right in to Russian plans to discredit our government.  Schiff is probably not colluding with Russians to conquer America, but they share common cause in trying to dismantle our republic. So Vladimir Putin’s most “useful idiot” in undermining America goes to Congressman Adam Schiff!

“The eyes of the LORD keep watch over knowledge, but he overthrows the words of the traitor.”  Proverbs 22:12

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