Hyundai Motor Corporation exploring options to send surplus South Korean test kits to Alabama

Hyundai Motor Corporation is in communications with the government of the Republic of South Korea to explore the possibility of sending surplus test kits to Alabama. The action comes after Mayor Steven L. Reed requested assistance to combat the Coronavirus in Alabama.

“As the nations of the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the actions of South Korean leaders have been unparalleled in protecting their citizens and suppressing the Coronavirus infection rate,” said Mayor Steven L. Reed. “Our community’s strong ties with Hyundai Motor Corporation coupled with our shortage of needed medical supplies prompted our request for assistance.”

South Korean Coronavirus test kits have been instrumental in reducing the spread of the virus in that country. Hyundai Motor Corporation leaders are seeking to identify health supplies that have FDA approval and are compatible with testing methodologies in the U.S.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Alabama have climbed above 500. Montgomery County has 17 confirmed cases. The state suffered its first Coronavirus death.

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