Governor: Reports of Coronavirus Victims Coming to Alabama Premature

Evacuated Americans from the cruise ship diamond princess may not be coming to Alabama after all. Late Friday night the Department of Health and Human services sent out a press release informing people that they had made the decision to start sending p passengers evacuated from the diamond princess cruise ship that is currently quarantined in Japan to the FEMA facility in Anniston Alabama.this seems to be an errant press release on the part of HHS.

On Sunday morning Governor ivey’s office sent out a statement on her behalf informing people that while there had been discussions and conference calls between officials in the state of Alabama and federal officials at the Department of Health and Human services, then no final decision had been made, and at the Anniston facility was only being looked at as a backup facility in the case that they needed overflow capacity to quarantine passengers that had tested positive for the Corona virus evacuated from the ship.

The governor said, “Late Friday night, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) informed me about their proposal to transport Americans who have tested positive with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship to a FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston. Sensing the urgency, I quickly informed the offices of Senators Richard Shelby and Doug Jones and Congressman Mike Rogers, as well as Dr. Scott Harris with the Alabama Department of Public Health.

“On Saturday, it appears that a press release from HHS was inadvertently, and perhaps prematurely, sent notifying the State of Alabama that these individuals were scheduled to begin transporting to Alabama as early as Wednesday.

“Obviously concerned, there were a number of conversations between HHS, the White House, my staff and me, as well as two rounds of conference calls including the senior staff of the Congressional Delegation to try to clarify HHS’ intent and reasoning for selecting Alabama. On one of the calls, they informed us that the CDP in Anniston is only being considered as a “back-up” plan, in case they run out of alternative locations. They assured us on both calls that no decision had been made to send anyone to Anniston.

“I made it abundantly clear that while the State of Alabama wants to work closely with the Trump Administration to assist fellow Americans who may have tested positive for the Coronavirus, there were some grave concerns about why the site in Anniston was chosen and how, logistically, this would play out in the event this back-up site were to be eventually activated.

You can read the original article from BamaNewsNow here

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