Governor Ivey Fractures Her Shoulder

On Tuesday evening, Alabama’s first dog, Mossy, accidentally tripped Governor Kay Ivey. Governor Ivey subsequently fell and fractured her shoulder. The injury will require Governor Ivey to spend some time with her arm in a sling as she recovers from the injury.

Governor Ivey said in a statement released Wednesday, “Alabama’s First Dog Missy is such a fun and active friend to have at home, and she is fiercely protective. Last night, she unintentionally tripped me up, and I hit my shoulder. You’ll see me in a sling, but this won’t slow me down a bit! I’ll keep you posted on the recovery, but most importantly, Missy is also doing just fine!”

Governor Ivey, who is a big advocate of adopting pets from shelters, adopted Missy when the dog was 5 years old from the Montgomery humane shelter a year ago in January of 2019.

Governor Ivey also last year was diagnosed with a cancerous spot in her lungs last year, received treatment and was declared cancer free at the end of the year.

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