Going Postal to Derail the Election

The Democrat National Convention mercilessly passed into history with barely a whimper.  The first virtual national convention was hopelessly flat and uninspiring.  There was ample hatred for Trump; in fact, that was essentially the entire Democrat message – they will oust Trump.  But even that was tepid compared to the last four years of howling accusations.  Beyond “orange man bad,” Democrats almost dystopian description of the country offered Americans nothing to vote for.  Are they hoping they can simply stoke enough Trump Derangement Syndrome to somehow get a majority of Americans to vote against Trump?

    Americans are generally motivated to go to the polls more to vote “for” something than “against” something.  Democrats conspicuously failed to mention the widespread violence plaguing their cities or how badly blue states have suffered from Democrat imposed shutdowns.  Other than raising taxes and halting the building of the border wall, Democrats entire agenda is they are nicer than the Trump meanie and they will just do things better because they care more.  There were plenty of platitudes, but no real platform was presented.

    With such a lackluster presidential ticket, who can blame Democrats for not showcasing their candidates and focusing on the opposition?  With no real achievements for almost half a century, Joe Biden is just a lucky mediocre politician.  Had Obama not picked him for Vice President, he would be finger painting somewhere.  Fighting for last place in a pathetic protracted Democrat primary, Senator Kamala Harris is perhaps the most radical left politician in Washington; she couldn’t even attract Democrat votes.  So how did this unlikely dismal duo end up as the premier Democrat Presidential ticket to face down their archenemy of all time?!

    The short answer is Democrats know Trump can’t be beat.  Seriously, if Democrats thought they had any real chance to defeat Trump, would they send a doddering old fool and a silly progressive valley girl to be their champions?!  This is their “A Team?”  Democrats realize this is their 2008 when Republicans knew they could not beat the novelty of the first black president in the wake of the unfortunately hollow Bush Administration.  So the GOP let Senator John McCain have his turn to lose.  A tenuous Republican with only a veneer of conservatism, McCain was a horrible candidate.  The GOP recruited Sarah Palin like Harris to give the old man some pizzazz, but the establishment of both parties have no remorse when their designated losers fade into irrelevance.

    The Democrat Party may know they can’t beat Trump fair and square at the ballot box, but these totalitarian wannabes don’t really like elections anyway.  They have played out the Russia Hoax and their deep state spies are steadily being rooted out, so Democrats need a new wedge to attack and undermine the Trump Administration.  The new strategy is mail in voting to create electoral chaos and a fabricated Postal Service crisis to claim Trump cheated again.

    Democrats are wishing the election will be close, so they can try to steal it.  Absentee voting has been around for years and it generally works, but Democrats are pushing for universal vote by mail because it’s perfect for voter fraud and it will overwhelm election and postal systems such that we will likely not know the election results that night and perhaps not for weeks.  Vote by mail blasts out ballots to every voter, but up to half of voters typically don’t vote.  Democrat operatives will be dispatched to harvest those ballots and cast them; and controls against such blatant fraud are weak.  Hopefully fake votes will be denied, but that will likely take weeks and litigation.

    Democrats may cling to a glimmer of hope they can steal a close election, but they are hedging their bets with a fantastic Postal Service crisis.  The Postal Service has been struggling for years, but it is funded through 2021.  So Democrats threw out a special $25 Billion plus up for the Post Office knowing Trump would reject it.  Democrats are now saying Trump’s refusal is because he is purposely trying to hobble the Postal Service to suppress votes and thereby that is how he will cheat to win.

    In all likelihood, Democrats will not be able to steal what is starting to look like a Trump landslide, but they will use this phony Post Office scandal to declare Trump again an illegitimate president and use it as the basis to impeach him again.  Democrats are relentless in their quest for power, so expect even more absurd drama and turmoil through the election.  The only way to stop this maddening nonsense is when Democrats lose the House.

    “A righteous person hates deceit, but the wicked person is shameful and disgraceful.”  Proverbs 13:5

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at fmtalk1065.com.  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit http://peteriehm.com.

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