Forestry Association Releases Poll in Senate Race

The Alabama Forestry Association, a statewide group representing timberland owners and forest product manufacturers in Alabama, today released a poll
that confirms Jeff Sessions is closing the gap with Tommy Tuberville in the race for U.S. Senate.

AFA’s survey validates a Sessions’ internal poll released to the media Tuesday. Sessions’ statewide poll, conducted by On Message, Inc. shows, the former United States Attorney General trailing former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville 43% to 49%.

The Association’s survey was conducted May 21-27 with 705 likely GOP voters via live phone calls and was limited to the geographic area comprising the U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District One (southwest Alabama) and Congressional District Two (southeast Alabama) which together covers approximately 28% of the state.

The AFA survey indicates that Sessions and Tuberville are in a statistical dead heat with each garnering 41.99% of the vote and 16% undecided. Sessions leads Tuberville in CD1 45.2% to 39.6%. The results are reversed in CD2, where Tuberville leads Sessions 44.4% to 38.75%.

The Republican primary runoff between Sessions and Tuberville will take place on July 14th. AFA is predicting extremely low turnout for the runoff which could be to Sessions’ advantage. At one point, prior to joining the Trump administration, Sessions polled as the most popular public official in Alabama.

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