Florida Man Tommy Tuberville Refuses to Debate Jeff Sessions

Florida Man Tommy Tuberville has refused multiple times to debate Jeff Sessions, leading up to the March 31st runoff to decide Alabama’s next U.S. Senator. Sessions issued a challenge earlier this week to Tuberville, saying, “It’s time Tommy Tuberville quit hiding behind his TV ads — the people of Alabama deserve to know where he stands on the issues. I will debate him anywhere in Alabama. If it would make him more comfortable, I will debate him in his home state of Florida.”

Jon Jones, campaign manager for Sessions, said, “It’s long overdue that Alabama voters have the opportunity to measure Tuberville’s weak and flimsy record with the proven and hard-fought record of Jeff Sessions. But Tuberville is scared. He knows that a face-to-face matchup with Sessions would expose him. We are still pushing for a debate before the March 31st runoff – will Tuberville continue to tuck-tail-and-run?”


ANNC: Tommy Tuberville refuses to debate Jeff Sessions. 

TV NEWS ANCHOR: Sessions agreed to participate, while Tuberville declined our invitation.

ANNC: Tuberville’s afraid to debate Sessions, and he should be. Tuberville doesn’t know the issues, and he doesn’t know the first thing about Alabama.

JEFF SESSIONS: He’s not willing to take his case to the people of Alabama, he’s defensive and afraid.

ANNC: Tuberville is afraid of being found out, he’s scared.

JEFF SESSIONS: Will he debate in the Senate? Will he stand up to Chuck Schumer?

ANNC: Tuberville thinks the people of Alabama are gullible. Maybe Tuberville would be willing to debate if we did at his home… in Florida.

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