Florida Man Game Show

Today, Jeff Sessions launched a new video called “Florida Man Game Show” to ask Alabama voters — how well do you really know Tommy Tuberville?

“It’s important that before March 31st, Alabama voters know the real Tommy Tuberville. Tommy is a Florida phony who has never supported a Republican candidate in his 65 years, except for himself. Let me repeat that. Tommy Tuberville did not support Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, or even Donald Trump. He didn’t even vote for Governor Kay Ivey in the last election, because he was registered to vote in Florida. Tuberville claims to be an ‘outsider’ in this race. Well, he is an outsider — Tuberville lives, votes, and still pays taxes in Florida. He’s a Florida Man,” said Jon Jones, campaign manager for Jeff Sessions for U.S. Senate.

Transcript of “FLORIDA MAN GAME SHOW”:

ANNC 1: And now it’s time to play – How Well Do You Know Tommy Tuberville?

In Tommy Tuberville’s 65 years, who is the very first Republican candidate he ever supported?

ANNC 2: Ronald Reagan?

ANN 1: [WRONG BUZZER] No. Tuberville never backed Reagan.

ANNC 2: George Bush? The father? The son?

ANNC 1: [WRONG BUZZER] No. Tuberville never helped either one, no donations, nothing. Let’s give it another try.

ANNC 2: Oh ok, it must be our President, Donald Trump. I’m sure Tuberville supported Trump.

ANNC 1: Nope. [WRONG BUZZER] Tuberville didn’t endorse Trump or even say a kind word about Trump when he ran against Clinton. Tuberville even refused to give a penny of

his millions to Trump’s campaign. We don’t even know if he voted for Trump.

ANNC 2: Wow. This is bad for Tuberville. Well, at least he supported our Governor Kay Ivey…

ANNC 1: [WRONG BUZZER] No. In fact, Tuberville refused to even vote for Governor Ivey in the last election. 

ANNC 2: Oh come on, I’m sure he voted for Governor Ivey just about a year ago. 

ANNC 1: [WRONG BUZZER] Tuberville couldn’t vote for her because she’s the Governor of ALABAMA, and Tuberville voted in FLORIDA, where he lives.

ANNC 2: No…

ANNC 1: Now, for the answer to my original question – who is the very first candidate Tommy Tuberville has ever supported?


ANNC 2: Tourist! Who knew?

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