Flight Works Alabama opens to inspire future aviation industry workers

“As our state continues to grow this sector, we must show Alabamians all the aerospace industry can offer them, today and in the years ahead,” she added.


Flight Works Alabama is a cooperative effort between the Airbus Foundation, the State of Alabama, and a group of educational partners and commercial sponsors.

In May 2017, Governor Ivey announced plans to build the center, with a goal to bolster Alabama’s workforce development efforts and inspire young people to pursue careers in aerospace. Construction started in 2018.

In addition to the exhibition space at Flight Works Alabama, a specially designed classroom, workshops, and fabrication areas provide the educational infrastructure needed to educate and train potential future aviation workers — from middle school age to veteran industry professionals.

The center has a heavy emphasis on commercial jet aircraft like those manufactured at the nearby Airbus manufacturing facility, where A220 and A320 family aircraft are produced.

“What Airbus and other companies in our industry need to be successful in the future is a skilled, knowledgeable workforce that is ready for that future,” said Jeff Knittel, Airbus Americas Chairman and CEO.

“Flight Works Alabama will help us create that workforce in a fun, creative way.”

Visitors to the center can engage in more than 50 experiences, including:

  • Fly a virtual Airbus A320: take off, circle the city, and land at Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley
  • Take a spacewalk and install a virtual payload on the International Space Station
  • Design an aircraft’s livery and paint it in a virtual paint shop
  • Navigate a high-tech drone through an outdoor drone aviary
  • Attend classes and field trips, participate in hands-on workshops, or earn valuable certifications

Tours of the Airbus final assembly line hangar will be available once health regulations permit.

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