Five Questions with Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen

earlier this year the libertarian party nominated Clemson professor and former vice presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen to be there nominee for president of the United States. I had the opportunity to submit five questions for Dr Jorgensen to answer. You will find her answers to those questions below.

  1. The biggest question in most voters’ minds is who is Dr Jo Jorgensen and why is she running for president on the Libertarian ticket?

I’m a long-time Libertarian and was the 1996 vice presidential running mate of Harry Brown for President on the Libertarian ticket. I’m a senior lecturer in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Clemson University and hold a Ph.D. in this field. I have owned and operated small businesses and have earned an M.B.A.

I’m running for president because the federal government is too big, too bossy, too nosy, too costly, and often hurts the people it’s supposed to help.

Both Democratic and Republican presidents have, during the last 70 years, led us into foreign wars that have been ever more costly in terms of both dollars and American lives. Both Democratic and Republican presidents continued the wars they inherited.

Both Democrats and Republicans answer to the military-industrial complex. I will answer to the American people.

I will turn America into one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral. I will end American interventionist wars overseas, saving trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

Both Republican and Democratic policies have made health care far too expensive for the average American family. Trump and the Republicans, even when they had majorities in Congress, were ultimately unable or unwilling to repeal to Obamacare. Biden wants to expand Obamacare’s reach and further micromanage your doctors and restrict your access to care. Trump and Biden differ only on whether your health care should be controlled by private insurance companies or government bureaucrats.

This is the exact opposite of what needs to be done. We can reduce the cost of health care 75% by allowing real price competition, and by substantially reducing government and insurance company paperwork. This will make health care affordable for most Americans, while also reducing the cost of legacy programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA.

Both Democratic and Republican administrations, and specifically my opponents in this election, have been fans of the failed War on Drugs. On the street, that has meant that people of color are disproportionately targeted and end up in a perpetual cycle in and out of prison simply for drug offenses where no one was harmed. The protests we are seeing this year are one of the many consequences of this war.

I will work to end the war on drugs and other victimless “crimes”. I will work to end the police tactics that are used to enforce it: civil asset forfeiture, qualified immunity, no-knock raids, and the militarization of our police forces.

Ending the drug war will restore criminal justice, make our streets much safer, end mass incarceration of people who have harmed no one, and make drugs less likely to cause harm.

  1. Considering the current events of defunding law enforcement, where in your opinion is the line between the need for enforcing law and order according to the Constitution and reducing that ability in the name of liberty that would ultimately result in widespread anarchy?

The drug prohibition has been much more of a problem than drugs themselves.

I will pardon and free every nonviolent drug offender in federal prison on Day 1 of my presidency.

Ending of victimless crime laws will give police officers the time and resources to go after real crime, such as assault and battery, murder, arson, rape, robbery, fraud, and kidnapping. People like Eric Garner would not have been strangled for selling loose cigarettes.

Ending qualified immunity will induce police officers and other public employees to think twice about using unnecessary force or other abusive tactics. George Floyd would be alive today if his killer knew he would be personally sued for choking him with his knee.

Ending civil asset forfeiture will put a stop to the practice of literal highway robbery when cops take people’s personal property without a trial.

We give cops way too many laws to enforce. We need them to focus on real crimes where there’s a victim. This will foster a peaceful partnership between law enforcement and the citizens they serve

  1. The Libertarian Party says Republicans and Democrats are not all that different. How will you engage the voter base to actually turn that message into tangible election results?

Despite their different personalities, Trump and Biden are very similar on the issues that matter to voters.

Both Trump and Biden support endless wars overseas.

I don’t. I will bring our troops home.

Both Trump and Biden support massive government controls over people’s healthcare choices.

I don’t. I will open up a free market in health care.

Both Trump and Biden refuse to end the failed drug prohibition and the many problems it causes.

I will end the Drug War once and for all. It’s time for a drug peace.

Both Trump and Biden supported this year’s high deficit spending and the additional $3 trillion in “relief” spending, 90% of which went to special interests.

Back in February, I would have removed any need for either shutdowns or relief spending by immediately lifting FDA and CDC barriers to manufacturing and selling test kits. This would have enabled us to know who’s infected and who’s not. Those who were could self-quarantine while those free of infection could go about their daily lives. Businesses would have been free to stay open, saving many of them from permanent closure and sparing millions of Americans from losing their jobs.

Widely-available testing would have more quickly pinpointed the danger that COVID-19 presents to the elderly and people with compromised health. This would have saved many lives.

  1. Considering the selection of the 2020 Libertarian VP nominee’s differing style on communicating Libertarian views, do you think in the future there should be a change in the way the VP nominee is chosen so the ticket is more closely aligned between the two individuals running on the same ticket for national campaign and engagement purposes?

Any change to the method of selecting the nominee for VP by the LP is up to the duly selected delegates to the Libertarian national convention. I have confidence that they will refine any of our party’s policies as needed.

Our VP nominee Jeremy “Spike” Cohen and I have different styles, but in substance, we are well-aligned. That difference in our presentations allows each of us to reach different constituencies.

  1. Alabama Farmers regularly sell poultry and other produce to Cuba under the current restrictions in place due to the Cuban embargo that has been in place for decades. Mobile Alabama, was founded as a trading post to establish a trading route between this area of the Gulf Coast and Havana, Cuba back during the colonial time period. Two brothers from Mobile also are famous for bringing baseball to the island nation. Mobile and Havana, Cuba are also official sister cities. What is your position on the Cuban embargo that has been in place for decades and do you think it should be changed, lifted, or left in place and why do you hold that position?

The Cuban embargo should be ended immediately. For too long, the embargo has been a handy excuse for the failure of the Communist policies practiced by the Cuban government. Taking away that excuse will have a salutary effect on their misguided policies. It will allow free trade between Mobile and Cuba to blossom — not to mention free trade between Cuba and the rest of the country.

Free trade between our old “enemy” Vietnam has improved their economy and ours. Free trade between China and the U.S. benefited the peoples of both countries in terms of personal freedoms and economic benefits. Sadly, Trump has put that mutually beneficial relationship in jeopardy.

Biden wants to best Trump’s trade barriers with his Buy America plan. The protectionist policies of both my opponents have shown, time and again, that they don’t work, they harm American manufacturers, they inspire retaliatory tariffs by the target countries, and they drive up prices for American consumers.

As president, I will lift tariffs and quotas so that Americans can get the best prices and so American businesses compete successfully in the world marketplace.