First Step in Jeff Sessions’ plan to Confront China

Jeff Sessions is releasing the first plank in his new and bold strategic plan for how the United States should confront the communist regime in China, called “BETTING ON AMERICA: STANDING UP TO CHINA’S COLD-BLOODED DRIVE FOR POWER.”

Plank #1 of Sessions’ “Betting on America” plan: Expose the lies of the Chinese communist regime.

Sessions released this statement:

“The China communist government caused the Wuhan Virus pandemic that is engulfing the entire world, sowing death and destruction everywhere. Their deceitfulness and secrecy have already killed literally thousands of people and caused suffering for hundreds of thousands more, and the numbers are climbing each day. They caused it by silencing those who tried to warn the world, by blocking American and international scientists from coming in to stop the outbreak early, and by faking infection and death rates to downplay the seriousness of the spread. And they are continuing to use their propaganda machine to obscure the record today. They cannot be allowed to succeed this time.

“It is time for America to tell the truth, stand up for the truth, and do right by our own workers and our own country. It is time to fundamentally reset our relationship with China, and that new relationship must be based on openness about China’s misdeeds.

“That is why the first plank of my strategy calls for a United States-led, international investigation into what China has done and what it continues to do, starting with the Chinese Communist Party’s handling of the Wuhan Virus. 

“I am calling today for Congress to immediately establish a Select Committee on China to lead the investigation. This Select Committee should be given the authority to wield the full investigative powers, including the power to compel witnesses, of the United States Congress. We have used these types of committees before at critical moments in our nation’s history, including after the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the Watergate scandal, after the Iran-Contra Affair, and others. 

“Responsible members of the international community should join the United States, either together with us or through their own parallel investigations, in seeking the truth about Beijing’s handling of the Wuhan Virus. And there should be severe consequences for China if it refuses to cooperate as we uncover the full extent of Beijing’s guilt. If China hasn’t been lying to the world about the Wuhan Virus, it should have nothing to fear. We need to call the Chinese Communist Party’s bluff.

“The enormity of communist China’s wrongdoing in using brutal state censorship, and even the imprisonment of a doctor who actively sought to warn the Chinese people and the world of the great danger from the Wuhan Virus, is beyond words.

“This is far more than a mistake. It is a moment of revelation for the United States. It is our ‘Sputnik moment.’

“A University of Southampton study in the U.K. found that, if China had revealed the danger just three weeks earlier, as many as 95% of the infections would never have happened. As Mike McCaul, former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said, China’s dishonesty here is ‘one of the worst cover-ups in human history.’ Indeed, it is.

“The problem, however, goes beyond this virus. This cover-up reveals the secretive and cold-blooded nature of this regime. It allows us to fully understand that the regime is all about power. The Chinese Communist Party will use every tactic at its disposal: intimidation, deceit, technology theft, trade secret theft, unfair subsidies, bribery, misinformation, unfair and illegal trade tactics, and other unacceptable and immoral actions to advance their openly-stated agenda of dominating the world. These tactics are in the Chinese Communist Party’s DNA.

“The U.S. has been indifferent for too long. And it is late, but not too late. We have the leverage to put a stop to these abuses. Fortunately, President Trump understands the importance of the challenge and has the resolve to confront it. Our dynamic culture founded on truth, law, innovation, and free markets will prevail.

“But we cannot win until we are honest about the threat the Chinese communist government poses. And we must begin by understanding the gravity and meaning of the Wuhan Virus cover-up. 

“Despite China’s best efforts to hide the truth, there are some things we already know:

  • The Chinese communist government arrested and silenced doctors who tried to blow the whistle on the Wuhan Virus last year. In December, Wuhan Doctor Li Wenliang noticed several cases of a virus that he thought looked like the 2003 virus that caused the SARS epidemic. He started warning others to wear protective gear to avoid infection. Within days, he and other whistleblowers were arrested, forced to sign pre-written confessions admitting they had spread “false information” and “rumors,” and made to promise not to do it again. Dr. Wenliang has since died of the Wuhan Virus. 
  • Other critics and journalists in China have been arrested or have mysteriously ‘disappeared’ after sharing information about the Wuhan Virus outbreak.
  • The Chinese communist government has engaged in a coordinated disinformation and propaganda campaign, fabricating information to make China’s virus response look more proactive and effective, suggesting that the Wuhan Virus actually originated in the United States, and faking infection and death numbers to downplay the seriousness of the outbreak.
  • The Chinese communist government’s cover-up gave the virus weeks to spread completely unchecked. An independent study by the University of Southampton has already found that China revealing the danger just three weeks earlier could have prevented 95% of new infections. 
  • In early 2020, the Chinese communist government rejected—three separate times—U.S. efforts to send American scientists to China to help stop the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

“The Chinese government issued propaganda talking points to journalists, telling them to say it was ‘politicizing’ the Wuhan Virus to say that it originated in China. Many news outlets in the mainstream media in the United States eagerly adopted those talking points, too, in an embarrassing effort to paint President Trump as ‘racist’ for pointing out where the Wuhan Virus started.

“Of course, China’s lies, censorship, cheating, and manipulation are not limited to the Wuhan Virus. For many years, China has signed trade agreements with America that they not only violated, but never planned to keep in the first place. China has been blatantly stealing American intellectual property and technology for decades. China spies on our universities, our government officials, and our private companies. China uses unfair trade practices to entice our critical manufacturing industries (including medicine) to relocate there, where they are subject to Chinese government seizure. And within China, the communists in charge brutally crush any dissenters. 

“In the coming days, I will be releasing additional planks of my ‘Betting on America’ plan to address these issues. But first, we need to uncover the complete truth about China’s Wuhan Virus cover-up. 

“We know that the Chinese people themselves are not the enemy—they are the biggest victims of the Chinese government, and exposing the truth will benefit them most of all. It is deceitful to pretend otherwise, and it is high time for CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and their friends to face the truth and stop conning American viewers and readers. The American and international media must start reporting accurately on China’s actions. 

“A complete investigation into how China has caused the Wuhan Virus pandemic is the first step.”

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