Eagle Forum PAC has announced that it is endorsing Jeff Sessions for the United States Senate, further evidence that demolishes Tommy Tuberville’s claim that Tuberville is the Trump conservative in this race. 

In the first 65 years of his life, there is no public evidence that Tommy Tuberville has stood for any conservative beliefs or principles – while Jeff Sessions has been a consistent champion of conservative Alabama values throughout his entire life. 

Eagle Forum PAC’s endorsement follows public endorsements from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council PAC; the Alabama Forestry Association; the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council; the former Chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, Bob Russell; the former president of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, John Giles; former Heritage Foundation President and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint; and many other conservative leaders.

As Eagle Forum’s press release noted, Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafly repeatedly called Jeff Sessions “our favorite Senator.” 

Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith stated, “For twenty years Eagle Forum actively worked with then Sen. Jeff Sessions on issues affecting the family, such as pro-life, immigration, national defense, and religious liberty measures. In every case we watched Sen. Sessions use his legal expertise and his legislative experience in agreement with Eagle Forum’s positions. He was a leader for Constitutionalist judges, against amnesty and for constructive immigration reform.”

Jeff Sessions said it was honor to receive Eagle Forum’s endorsement.

“I am incredibly honored to receive an endorsement from the Eagle Forum PAC. The Eagle Forum is one of the oldest and strongest advocates for conservative, Constitutional and Christian values in our country. It was founded by a champion of freedom, Phyllis Schlafly. We fought together on issues involving American sovereignty, Constitutional principles, and religious freedom. Our current Eagle Forum national president and native Alabamian, Eunie Smith, shared these strong words with our Alabama voters this week. I am honored to have the support of Eunie Smith and the national Eagle Forum PAC,” Sessions said. 

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