Dr. Fauci is Lucy from Peanuts

Dr Anthony Fauci is Lucy holding the football and the American people is Charlie Brown. And if Dr Fauci continues to mislead the American public his medical advice won’t even be worth the $0.05 that Lucy charged Charlie Brown. Apparently Dr. Fauci’s parents didn’t share the parable of the Boy that cried Wolf too manys times with him as a kid.

Recently, Dr. Fauci admitted to ABC news that he intentionally misled the American people telling them that we could reach her immunity at 60 to 65% vaccination rates. He also admitted in that same interview that he felt like he could up that number to 75 to 80% when he read studies that 60% of the American people were willing to be vaccinated for the Corona virus. This latest blunder by the nation’s top infectious disease doctor and scientist is just the latest example of why Dr Fauci is not the right man for being the face of this pandemic. Couple this blunder with other blunders including the fact that early on in the pandemic Dr Fauci said that face masks were useless in slowing the spread of the virus, a claim that defies basic high school biological knowledge of how viruses are classified and how they operate. Or more recently, Dr. Fauci saying that people should wear three masks instead of one. Like the fish in the sea, while every strain of Corona virus is different and has different effects on the populations that it infects, they all have to share certain characteristics to be classified as a Corona virus, and one of the basic characteristics every Corona virus has to have is it has to be transmittable through the air.

Couple all of these public relations missteps when it comes to disclosing information to the American people about the coronavirus pandemic with the fact that Dr Fauci’s bedside manner is not the bedside manner the American people need during these trying times. when heis ldescribing the pandemic and the viruses causing the pandemic, Dr Fauci is like the oncologist that is telling the patient that they have the most curable form of cancer, yet they could still die. Well technically accurate, that kind of matter of fact presentation of the diagnosis is not what that patient, and in this case the American people, needs to hear. When the American people needed the doctor form of Andy Griffith, Dr Fauci gave us his best impression of Dr Kevorkian.

I have no doubt in my mind that Dr Dauci is instantly one of the smartest people in the room in 9 out of 10 rooms that he enters, even amongst doctors. Dr Fauci can continue to play a very invaluable role to the American people in fighting this pandemic and getting us through it, just not as the public face of the government’s response. That role needs to go to somebody else.

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