Does Any American Have Standing Anymore?

Watching the American presidency be stolen, Americans are aggravated and exasperated especially when there seems to be no readdress available for this brazen theft.  Americans knew something was rotten when battleground states abruptly stopped counting about the same time in the middle of the night, but when they resumed the next morning President Trump’s healthy lead of hundreds of thousands of votes had been erased.  Quickly, experts came forward with analysis that late night very large spikes of nearly 100% Biden votes were statistically impossible.  Not surprisingly, the media not only saw nothing; they had NO interest.

    As days turned into weeks, hundreds of Americans across the country came forward to swear out affidavits of witnessing voter fraud, irregularities, and tampering.  Even video evidence emerged of trucks under cover of darkness delivering ballots from out of state or poll workers running ballots through tabulators multiple times.  Much of this evidence indicated criminal activity, but law enforcement failed to investigate and judicial departments declined to prosecute.  Various agencies claimed they don’t believe there was enough voter fraud to change the election, so no action required.  What?!  That’s like police refusing to prosecute shop lifting because they didn’t think it was enough to bankrupt the store!

    While we all watched this massive fraud play out, our politicians could only wring their hands and tell us we should have faith in the courts.  Dozens of lawsuits have been filed, but most have been dismissed.  We get various reasons like the filing is too late or proper procedures were not followed, so what are the statutory limits on month old voter fraud?  Or what are the proper procedures to report a crime that will get the attention of the authorities?

    Then Texas joined by about twenty other states sued Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin at the Supreme Court for violating their own state laws and the Constitution in the conduct of their respective elections.  There were high hopes for this case because these states clearly contravened their own laws, facilitated fraud, and failed to accurately and fairly count their votes.  Texas declared their voters were disenfranchised because the rogue states counted illegal and ineligible votes that thwarted the will of the people and undermined election integrity.  Seems straight forward; if some states cheat such that the true outcome is changed, then all those voters that voted for the real winner have been deprived.

    Incredibly, the Supreme Court would not even hear the case; they said Texas had no “standing.”  Essentially, it is none of Texas’ business how other states run their elections.  On its face each state is sovereign, but if some states conduct fraudulent elections that thwart the true will of the people, who does have standing?  

    The legal concept of standing is that a plaintiff must show some “injury in fact,” that there is “causal connection” to the acts of the defendant, and that action by the court could provide relief.  OK, so if some states count fraudulent ballots that deny the lawful winner and allow a pretender to steal the presidency, doesn’t every American suffer an “injury in fact” by being subjected to an illegitimate president?  Isn’t the cheating condoned in those certain states the “causal connection” to that injury?  And if the Court declared the fraudulent results in those states unconstitutional and void thereby nullifying the fake results or restoring the rightful results, wouldn’t that provide relief to every American by sparing them from the rule of an illegitimate president?

    In all this legal mumbo jumbo, the simple concept of fairness is lost.  No one is asking for election results to be overturned, but rather there be a fair open hearing on the mountains of evidence of fraud to determine the accuracy and integrity of a controversial election – why is that so hard?  Questions about this election are very real and ripping the nation apart, so the Supreme Court punting their responsibility to address these disputes is very disappointing.  If the high Court won’t resolve the distinct differences between states, what recourse do they have for remedy?  If the rule of law cannot resolve it, are we only left with the threat of arms?

    In all this legal wrangling, it appears the judiciary serves itself to jealously guard its prestige and procedures like the Pharisees, but justice be damned.  Really, the ones who should act are the state legislatures in the states that completely fumbled their elections.  They made this mess by failing to conduct fair elections; they should fix their respective states.

    While the states maneuver and the politicians posture, what standing do the American people have?  Why can’t we have a thorough investigation?  Why can’t we have a full and fair hearing?  Why can’t we be reassured of the integrity of our elections?  Why can’t we be confident we have a duly and fairly elected president?!

    Amazingly in all these pitched political and legal battles about who has standing, the states?  The candidates?  The political parties?  The American voter has been overlooked!  The American citizen holds the ultimate power and every citizen is injured if we inaugurate a president who did NOT win a fair election in accordance with the Constitution.  Law enforcement, judiciary, and elected officials must stop making excuses immediately and make their highest priority protecting the rights of every American voter!  Demonstrate the integrity of the election or throw out the fraud!

    “But you yourselves wrong and defraud—even your own brothers!”  1 Corinthians 6:8

    Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

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