Dirty Money PACs Attacking Byrne

It might be time for the United States to revisit the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. I say this because some of the dirtiest, nastiest campaign ads coming out of this year’s Republican primary for the US Senate seat in Alabama are coming from dark money political action committees that aren’t officially affiliated with any candidate. These PACs are slinging the most mud, and outright lying about the candidates in the race.

The group that has my dander up the most today is the Swamp Drainers PAC, but they’re certainly not the only ones. The Swamp Drainers PAC recently put out a negative attack aimed at Congressman Bradley Byrne on Facebook. In this ad, they use a voice-over actor to put words into the Congressman’s mouth that he never said or ever even insinuated. This new effort at political smear looks as though a World of Warcraft or Star Trek nerd playing with video editing software on his laptop in his mother’s basement created it using prompts from a sub-Reddit. Just because it’s not particularly polished doesn’t mean it’s not still wrong. It’s still a lie. It’s still dirty. It’s still potentially libelous. The Swamp Drainers PAC was formed back in 2017 during the special election for this same Senate seat. The PAC was formed to support Roy Moore and attack Luther Strange during the Republican primary of that election. They should be given no credibility whatsoever, and they need to be stopped.

Club For Growth PAC will not tell anybody what Congressman Bradley Byrne did to make them think that he peed on their leg and told them it was raining, so it’s difficult to say what Club For Growth has against the congressman. It’s clear they do not like him, because they’ve said as much. If it wasn’t for the interference by Club For Growth in this Senate race, the race would look drastically different than it does today. It was due to the poking and prodding of Club For Growth that Jeff Sessions ultimately made the decision to jump into the race at the last minute. Club For Growth released advertising which supported Sessions, conducted polling to figure out where he would stand in the race if he jumped into it, and probably worked their contacts behind the scenes to encourage him to get into the race. Since Jeff Sessions has jumped in the race, they have since cooled their enthusiasm for him. However, their hatred of Bradley Byrne has not subsided. What’s interesting about this dislike of the congressman by Club For Growth is if you look at the congressman’s voting record and compare it to the goals of Club For Growth, they are very closely aligned to each other.

The GRIT PAC might as well be called “The Nitty Gritty Dirt PAC”, because the mud they are slinging is getting everybody dirty! The negative ad that they have put out compares Congressman Bradley Byrne and Jeff Sessions to Mitt Romney and cattle. I think the comparisons and the insinuations they’re making in their ads is bovine scatology! They even misused a video of Coach Tommy Tuberville talking about his love for Trump to make it clear who they are supporting in this race.

Maybe it’s time that we do away with limits on hard money and prohibit soft dark money in politics, so we know where all the money is coming from in our politics. We’d know who’s paying for these negative attack ads, and we could start holding these people, businesses, and industries accountable for their bad behavior.

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