CWA Endorses Kiani Gardner

With the retirement of Bradley Byrne, Alabama’s First District Congressional Seat will be open in November 2020.

With the March 3, 2020 Primary elections, a crowded field of 8 candidates vying to fill the vacancy was whittled down to just four, two Democrats and two Republicans, who will each face off in their respective party primary runoff elections on July 14th.

CWA-endorsed Dr. Kiani Gardner, a resident of Spanish Fort, received the most votes of the three candidates on the Democratic ticket. With a follow up victory against her second-place finisher in the July 14 Primary Runoff Election, she will face the winner of the Republican runoff in the November 3 General Election.

With a victory in November, Dr. Gardner will be the first woman to ever hold this seat, and the first Democrat since 1963.

At our request, Dr. Gardner issued the following statement regarding her campaign and her endorsement by CWA:

“I am running for this seat because for decades, we’ve seen our tax dollars flow out of our district and our state. Our hard-earned money is being squandered at the federal level, and we are left with crumbling roads and bridges, a failing education system, unaffordable healthcare, and diminishing opportunities for our families. I’m a mother to two young sons, and I know that if we don’t start fighting harder for Alabama to get its fair share, then my boys, like so many of Alabama’s youth, will one day have no choice but to move out of the state in order to earn a decent living.

“So many of my ideals have been shaped by those of the labor movement. As a member of NEA, FEA, and AFT (AFL-CIO), I am acutely aware of the fact that unions protect American workers, and a threat to organized labor is a direct threat to the security and stability of American families. I was proud to walk the line with CWA3907 in August 2019, and I am just as proud to have their endorsement as I work to go to Washington to represent the best interests of EVERY Alabama family.”

The runoff election is scheduled for July 14. Due to COVID-19, all registered voters may request an absentee ballot if they would prefer not to vote at polling places. For information about voting absentee, visit or email ([email protected]).

To learn more about Dr. Gardner and her campaign for Alabama’s First Congressional District, you can visit her website at

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