Crazy old white men decimating Democrats

The silly season also known as the primaries has just begun and it’s already crazier and weirder than anyone could imagine.  Democrats started over a year ago with dozens of kooky candidates, but over the past year the ostensible champions of minorities have run off every minority candidate save one high cheek boned fake Indian who is about to fold her teepee.

The remaining lily white roster is quite a comic cast.  The openly gay less than mediocre Midwest Mayor Pete Buttigieg is riding high on Iowa and New Hampshire, but his inexperience and public displays of affection for his husband will eventually ground him.  Some unknown woman from somewhere in the upper Midwest is inexplicably still hanging on. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has done well to still be in the running, but she doesn’t have the charm, resume, or life expectancy to be the first Democrat woman president as long as Hillary is alive.

    That leaves Democrats with only a raft of crazy old white men; and really old ones!  Mike Bloomberg just turned 78, Joe Biden is almost 78, and Bernie Sanders will turn 79 before Election Day.  While certainly very old, don’t dismiss these geezers – they will decimate the Democrat Party by the time President Trump is reelected in a landslide.

    Establishment Democrats have been touting Joe Biden as the presumed front runner for a year.  It’s incomprehensible that they would put such inordinate faith in Biden to carry the Democrat Party’s banner into battle against their bitterest archenemy of all history.  A terrible candidate his entire life, there’s a reason he’s a Senator from a tiny state. The media seems surprised now, but everyone knew Biden was a buffoon back in 1988 when his presidential campaign collapsed upon news of his habitual plagiarism.  Wrong about everything for 40 years, he didn’t improve with age. No one really understands why Obama did it, but had Obama not picked Biden for his VP, he would still be a back bench Senator getting Schumer’s coffee.

    A veritable gaffe machine, Biden is not entirely to blame for his latest doomed presidential quest.  Steadily steering left for a century now, Democrats have moved from flirting with socialism to absolutely embracing socialism.  Bernie Sanders is not even a Democrat, but the establishment has suffered his mucking around in their presidential process because his base brings enthusiasm and ferocity to the Democrats.  Hoping to counter the grassroots fervor of the Tea Party, Democrats have twice humored the Bernie Bros into thinking they would let Sanders win the Democrat nomination. They want their zeal and votes, but not their candidate.

    However, Sander’s base is now the Democrat base.  The irony is that while the Bernie Bros brought intensity to the Democrat Party, they also shrunk the party.  Bernie is winning and the other bizarre candidates are still showing because most of the sane Democrats are staying home or already left for Trump.  Democrat turn out is barely 2016 levels, so where is the wide spread angst to defeat Trump? It doesn’t exist, but the press is still trying to make Democrats believe they are gaining when they are actually losing ground.

    When Democrats held a debate with all their presidential candidates in attendance at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, they filled just over half the venue.  A week later, Trump held a rally in the same place and overflowed the venue with thousands watching outside in the cold. And Trump is breaking turn out records for an unopposed incumbent.

Primary participation numbers are already indicating Trump has monstrous momentum and Democrats are distinctly disadvantaged.  Savvy Democrats know Trump is almost unbeatable and now fear losing the House in electoral Armageddon akin to 1972 with Sanders leading the Democrat ticket.  So they are manipulating the rules to let Michael Bloomberg enter the race at the eleventh hour.

A supposedly reformed Republican, Bloomberg is everything Democrat Socialists loathe: an old white male billionaire.  It’s hilarious that Democrats now want their own billionaire, but mini-Mike is NO Trump. And to add insult to injury, Bloomberg floated the idea of Hillary as his running mate, the one who cheated Bernie last time.

When elite Democrats cheat Sanders out of the nomination again, they risk a huge schism if not open civil war.  The Bernie Bros will not acquiesce quietly; look for ANTIFA to literally torch the Democrat National Convention.  Come November, Democrat Socialists will stay home or vote some third party; Democrats will lose the House. And if Trump can attract enough black votes, the down ballot carnage may be devastating for a generation.  Democrats are in a pickle and the poetic justice is crazy old white men did them in.

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.”  Proverbs 10:9

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