Cooling Water from Autaugaville’s Well

       Autaugaville, AL— The town of Autaugaville is home to many heroes and heroines from all walks of life. From Mayor Curtis Stoudemire to Mrs. Cynthia K. Dickerson, Autaugaville stands boldly amongst surrounding towns / cities. There is another hero that comes to mind, and his name is Marquis R. Forge. He is on a revitalization mission, and it begins with the cooling water from an Autaugaville artesian well.

       The Autaugaville native is the CEO of MRaine Industries, LLC which is the proud producer of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water. “This is an incredibly old business for the town of Autaugaville. There was a total of three water bottling plants which started and deceased since early 1900. MRaine Industries, LLC is the fourth with directions from a High calling,” Forge explained.

       When asked what inspired him to go into this business, Forge responded, “I love entrepreneurship. I always had an entrepreneurship mind and heart,” he stated. Forge continues to speak about the turn of events, “God’s conviction propelled me to visit the Palmer family after the sudden death of family and friend, Councilman Granger Palmer (September 2015).” During the visit, Mrs. Thelma “Bobbi” Palmer (Widow) spoke prophetically over his life.  Forge recited the conversation, “Mrs. Bobbi, maybe one day when I pass away, people will have a celebration and speak joyfully concerning my life.” Mrs. Palmer speaks prophetically, “they will talk about you before you die,” he exclaimed with a smile. After the visit, Forge encountered God’s Presence with additional directions.  “I was directed to visit the former Mayor (F.B. Ward) who influenced me to start and run a water plant”, Forge explained. Over the next two years, three gentlemen (currently all deceased) Mr. Palmer, Mr. Ward and Mr. Rufus Pearson helped created a solid foundation, which would showcase their legacy. “These three gentlemen have put their trust in what we are doing. Now we are taking their legacy to a new plateau,” Forge proclaimed.

       The creation of Eleven86 brand name has been one of the most famous questions. Forge explains, “During a Bible study session, I asked the Lord what we should name this water and God replied, how do you study the Bible? I study the Bible one chapter at a time. I immediately pulled an unnamed app and asked how many chapters are in the Bible. The app replied with 1186,” he explained. Forge later discovered the app’s error by three chapters, because the correct number is 1189. His colleagues preferred the first name. After praying to God again, he realized that the numbers six and nine coincided. Apostle Paul states the Spirit gives Man nine gifts and on the sixth day of creation, God made Man. “What better gift to give Man than 1186,” he gleefully said. The group decided to spell out 11 to provide proper brand recognition. Eleven86 was born.

       Mr. Forge is a man on a mission. He expects Eleven86 Real Artesian Water to circulate throughout the world and revitalize Autaugaville into a small city economic hub. He genuinely believes any task can be accomplished with a high level of work ethic, commitment, perseverance, faith, and a relationship with God. “If you let God direct your plans, the only item you will be responsible for is execution. If it fails, the timing was not right, and it becomes a building block. If it succeeds, all pieces are in place for a great harvest. In both cases, it is going to be His direction,” he said passionately. Mr. Forge, please keep up the good work and know that your work is not in vain. 

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