Cooling Water from Autaugaville

Autaugaville, AL— The town of Autaugaville is home to many heroes and heroines from all walks of life. From Mayor Curtis Stoudemire to Mrs. Cynthia K. Dickerson, the town stands out amongst the rest of the cities surrounding her. There is another hero that comes to mind, and his name is Marquis Forge. He has a mission, and it begins with the cooling water coming from Autaugaville.
The Autaugaville native is the CEO of MRaine, Industries, the proud producer of Eleven86 Real Artesian Water. The building itself has been in the town for years, but previous water plants didn’t make it. “This business is an ancient business for the town of Autaugaville.” “There was a total of four water bottling plants in Autaugaville, and this is the fourth one, with three predecessors before us that didn’t make it,” Forge explained. He also talked on those earlier attempts going all way to the early 1900s, where the citizens took the water and put it into glass jars because the water was of high quality. Next in the late 90s into the early 2000s where Mr. Cliff Davis came along and renamed it the Autauga Springs Company. Third, in the late 2000s in which it was renamed again to Autauga Water. Finally, in March 2015, he bought the building and officially renaming it yet back to Eleven86 and began shipping the water on April 27, 2018.
When asked what inspired him to go into this business, he responded that he is an entrepreneur from the heart. “I love entrepreneurship.” “I’ve always had an entrepreneurship mind,” he stated. He went on to say that the death of a family friend, Councilman Granger Palmer, and his Godly conviction propelled to go and see the family during their time of grief. He also said Palmer’s widow, Mrs. Thelma Palmer, spoke something prophetic into his life. “Mrs. Bobbi, maybe one day when I pass away, people will have a get together like this and have a celebration.” “And she told me they will talk about you before you die,” he exclaimed with a smile. He concluded that God told him to see the former mayor F.B. Ward who influenced him to start and run a water plant in the town. He knew these two giants of men along with Mr. Rufus Pearson had investments in him from his early years, and now that they are dead, he sees why. “Three gentlemen of the community have put their trust in what we are doing.” “Now we are taking that legacy to a whole new level,” he proclaimed.
When asked the meaning behind the Eleven86 brand, he explained that he got it the name from God himself. “I asked the Lord what do we name this water, and he answered.” “He said, how do you study the Bible….” “I study the Bible one chapter at a time and pulled this app and asked how many chapters are in the Bible, and the app came back and said one thousand eighty-six,” he explained. He then went on to say he noticed his error by three because there are one thousand eighty-nine chapters. His colleagues liked the first name better, and after praying to God again, he realized that the numbers six and nine were coinciding with one another and that on the sixth day of creation, God created man. “What better gift to give man than Eleven86,” he gleefully said.
Mr. Forge is a man on a mission. He sees the brand distributed throughout the world, and he also sees it benefiting his hometown. He truly believes that with a high level of work ethic, commitment, perseverance, faith, and a relationship with God, it will be very difficult. “If you let God direct your plans, the only thing you will be responsible for is execution. Because if it fails, He wanted you to fail. If it succeeds, He wants you to succeed, but either way, it goes, it is going to be His direction,” he said passionately. Mr. Forge, please keep up the excellent work you are doing and know that your work is not in vain.

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