Byrne Releases New Campaign Attack Ad

Rumors on Twitter last week started swirling that Bradley Byrne and his campaign were working on a negative ad using actors to portray Tommy Tuberville and Jeff Sessions in the Republican primary for the US Senate seat currently being held by Doug Jones. Those rumors turned out to be true. Over the weekend, Byrne’s campaign released an ad attacking his primary opponents called “Fired”.

The ad starts off with an actor playing a caricature of Tommy Tuberville dressed up as the Auburn head football coach, complete with headset and everything in front of a panel of people that are supposed to represent the voters of Alabama. The panelists’ voice over says that Tuberville wants illegal immigrants to stay in this country while also insinuating that he took taxpayer money in his payout from Auburn University when he left. The screen then cuts to a graphic with a hand and a stamp stamping fired on paperwork after the caricature throws his clipboard down.

The ad then has an actor playing a caricature of Jeff Sessions In front of the panelist who are saying that he let the president down as Attorney General of the United States and that ‘Hillary still ain’t in jail’. The actor then turns around with a disappointed expression with the same graphic with the hand stamping fired on paperwork.

The advertisement then goes on to ask Bradley Byrne ‘what about you?’ who then goes on to explain his accomplishments like a 97% voting record with the president of the United States.

Byrne’s campaign manager Seth Morrow said in a statement, ““With momentum on our side, it’s time to highlight the clear differences between the candidates. While others got fired for failing to get the job done, Bradley is the proven fighter with a track record of defending President Trump and our values. Bradley is the fighter we need to fire Doug Jones come November.”

As expected, the reaction from the Tuberville campaign and the Sessions campaign was swift and critical. John Rogers, campaign spokesman for the Jeff sessions campaign, said, ““When a candidate is desperate and losing, they always attack. Unfortunately, that’s what we are seeing not only from Bradley Byrne, but also from Tommy Tuberville. Both are throwing mud at Jeff Sessions because they are losing, and they have failed to connect with voters. Neither Byrne nor Tuberville can win on the issues. They can’t lay out a positive, conservative agenda for Alabama and the nation, and so they are desperately attacking Jeff Sessions, the only proven conservative leader in this race.” When reached for comment by BamaNewsNow, Coach Tommy Tuberville said, “”Only one candidate in this race is 100% committed to supporting Donald Trump and helping him build the wall. Doug won’t. Jeff didn’t. Bradley hasn’t, but Tommy will.”

The Republican primary is set for March 3rd 2020. If a runoff is required, the runoff will be held on March 31st. The winner of the Republican primary and runoff will face US Senator Doug Jones in the November general election. You can see the ad below.

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