Byrne is Wrong About Tuberville on Immigration

I like Bradley Byrne. I think he’s a really good, smart guy. I think he’s an excellent Congressman, but he is wrong. Flat out wrong in his mis-characterization of Tommy Tuberville’s stance on illegal immigration and his knowledge of the issue. 

If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, Byrne’s campaign released a negative ad on Saturday, February 15th, against Auburn’s former head football coach Tommy Tuberville. The ad plays a small audio clip of of the coach talking about immigration that was taken way out of context. This isn’t the first time Bradley burn has gone negative. In every competetive election he’s ever been in, he has gone negative. He went negative in his first run for State Senate, and he’s gone negative now. He went negative against Chip Brown at the state senate race level. He had an epic negative battle that fought against Tim James and the Republican primary that some could argue directly led to the election of Robert Bentley as governor. We all know how the governorship of Bentley ended. The negative mudslinging that went on between him and Dean Young when he first ran for his congressional seat was so nasty even I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards. Congressman Byrne and his campaign are going to say that in every one of those instances he did not go negative first, and there is some truth to that. However, I’d like to point out two things, if everybody else went and jumped off a bridge would Congressman Byrne? Also, the only constant between all of those elections is Bradley Byrne. With that said, even though Congressman Byrne says that he is not a member of the Washington swamp, he is taking a lot of plays directly out of the swamp creatures playbook. Both the launching of the attack ads and taking a small audio clip and using it extremely out of context are both plays right out of the Washington insider playbook.

Before I launched BamaNewsNow, I worked with a website called While there, I launched a series of articles titled ‘Five Questions With…’ that I have continued here on this site. One of the first people I interviewed for the five questions series was Coach Tuberville. You can find the whole article and his answers to every one of the questions here, but one of the topics we discussed during the interview was illegal immigration and the border wall.  Here is his response to what he would like to see done about immigration.

“Well the biggest thing that we have right now, and it’s created so many problems in this country, is our immigration policy. It’s draining our funds. The American taxpayer in this country is sending trillions of dollars to Washington and a lot of it is going to pay for people over here that shouldn’t be here. So I’m with President Trump 100%. I’ve been to the border a dozen times. I worked in Texas. I’ve got friends of mine that worked down there. We’ve got a mess. You can’t have a country unless you know who’s in your country. We sat around and watched years and years of people coming here and not protecting our borders. Now we need people to come. We need true Americans. But we’ve probably got 20 to 30 million people in this country who, number one, they live in the shadows. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where they’re from. They don’t pay taxes, but somehow some way they get a check. They get healthcare. There are so many things in this country we need to take up first. Our vets, our elderly, our mental health, our drug addiction. There are so many things we could be spending that money on to solve problems, but we’re trying to take care of those people. I’m not against immigrants. We’re all immigrants. We need them to come in here, but we need to know who’s here. We need to put the wall up, redo our immigration policy, and get back to taking care of the people in this country who pay the taxes.”

That is not a partial quote, that is not a small snippet of audio taken out of context. That is the entire quote. I went back and listened to the entire audio of the interview that I made for transcription purposes last night to verify that it was the whole of what he said. If you read that quote with a little bit of understanding of Coach Tuberville’s background, You would understand that Coach Tuberville has an understanding of what he’s talking about. Coach Tuberville did two different stints in his coaching career coaching in Texas. Before he ever started his head coaching career, he was the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M University. After he left Auburn University here in Alabama, he went back to Texas and was the head coach at Texas Tech, replacing Mike Leach who went to Mississippi. On top of that, even though he wasn’t coaching in Texas at the time, it doesn’t mean he still wasn’t recruiting when he was at Ole Miss, Auburn, and later Cincinnati. Tuberville has made a lot of friends in Texas, and speaks about illegal immigration like somebody from Texas.

Even without the quote that you can find in the “Five Questions” article, if you’re just listening to the audio clip that Byrne uses in his attack ad, it’s clear that Tuberville is echoing President Donald Trump’s immigration policy to the letter. In that audio clip, he says ‘Build the wall, let them come in, and let them work towards citizenship.’ That is President Donald Trump’s immigration policy, just using different language. President Trump has said build the wall, build a big beautiful door in that wall, and then come here legally and contribute to society. Bradley Byrne and his campaign is hoping that you’re too busy or not willing to do your homework and just take his campaign ad at face value. We all know Alabama voters are smarter than that, because even the most cursory look into the allegations made in the campaign ad shows that the small audio snippet was taken way out of context. Alabama voters are smart, and we need to stop rewarding bad behavior and mud slinging in the elected officials that want to represent us. Remember the candidates and the campaigns that went negative on election day, and if you don’t think that they will do a substantially better job than any of the other candidates, consider sending them a message by not giving them your vote.

4 thoughts on “Byrne is Wrong About Tuberville on Immigration

  1. I like Tommy and I hope he is the one that Donald Trump will throw his support behind however, whoever my president tells me to vote for, that’s who I’m voting for. I hope you’re the one Tommy because I think you’d be a good senator and I believe that you would back are president to the hilt. I think your word is good and your bond and your character. That’s what we need.

  2. Mr. Byrne’s attempt to deceive, to further his career, is precisely the type behavior we don’t want from our senator. We want to drain the ‘swamp’, so it wouldn’t benefit us to throw a bottom-feeder back in to, once again, muddy the water. I would hope, like me, Alabamians are fed-up with deceptive, career politicians. I believe that is evidence by us electing an astute businessman, rather than another corrupt, dead-beat politician. We need to continue to progress, not regress, by, once again, ‘draining the swamp’. For senator I will cast my vote for an honest, ethical ‘outsider’ by the name of Tommy Tuberville.


  3. Byrne’s our local rep. I remember when the “Access Hollywood” first broke with the whole Billy Bush hit piece. Lifetime RINO Paul Ryan immediately demanded that Trump drop out of the race along with a few of his suck ups. Bradley was one of the suck ups who gave up on Trump rather than waiting for the rest of the story. I lost all respect for the whole bunch but especially Byrnes. Knee jerk sycophants don’t make good leaders…only half assed followers.

    Go Tommy

  4. This is obviously a stitched quote, taking small fragments of statements and corrupting the intent. As soon as he closes the Ad by saying he “approves this message”, he has sealed his place for me. Horrible that a representative of our state sinks to such a low concept, easily refuted by simple research. Loser looking for a quick gain by lying. Anyone who resorts to this kind of tactic has no place in our representation, local or Federal.

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