Butler County Circuit Clerk Switches to Republican Party

The Circuit Clerk of Butler County, Mattie Gomillion, announced she is switching to the Republican Party. Ms. Gomillion, elected as a Democrat, met with the Butler County Republican Executive Committee to make her party switch and was warmly received by the local party.
“The Democrat Party of today is not the same party I joined years ago. Their platform does not line up with my views and beliefs,” Mrs. Gomillion said. “2020 is the perfect year to see the light. I am out of the darkness.”
Butler County GOP Chairman Cleve Poole said the committee has approved the request to switch.
“We are excited to welcome Mattie to the Grand Old Party. I’ve been speaking with her for some time about changing parties – the far left leaning ideas of the Democrat Party just don’t fit with what I know about her and her beliefs. Mattie will be an asset for us in Butler County, especially as we look forward to the November elections,” he said.
Mrs. Gomillion is a life-long Butler County resident. She worked in the county clerk’s office for 13 years before running for office for the first time in 2013. She is the fourth Butler County official to recently switch to the Republican Party. Butler County Commissioner Joey Peavy, Butler County School Board member Brandon Sellers and Butler County School Board member Michael Nimmer joined the GOP in 2019.
Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan commented, “We welcome Mrs. Gomillion as a new member of the Alabama Republican Party. She joins a large number of former Alabama Democrats who have walked away from that out-of-step party in recent years because of its liberal agenda – the Democrats have gone too far left with their policies. It’s just not Alabama. Mrs. Gomillion joins us at a historic GOP high of 65% of partisan Alabama elected officials.”

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