Wednesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) released the below statement announcing he will vote “No” on the Democrats’ $3+ trillion Socialist spending bill that does little to find a COVID-19 cure and a lot to destroy America’s economy. Brooks also announced that he will vote “No” on efforts to allow Speaker Pelosi to vote for Democrat Congressmen “by proxy”.

On the $3+ Trillion Spending Bill, Brooks stated:“Nancy Pelosi & her Socialist colleagues are hellbent on destroying America’s economy and bankrupting America, thereby creating the disaster they covet and, of course, cannot let go to waste. The Democrats’ goal is to tear down America as we know it and replace it with a Socialist economy and governmental system akin to that in dictatorial Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and China.”

Brooks continued, “Their 1,815 page bill seeks to increase America’s debt and deficits by $3+ trillion! That’s $3+ trillion America doesn’t have, has to borrow to get, and cannot afford to pay back. Incredible as it may seem, even without this $3+ trillion monstrosity, the federal government is on a course tospend roughly $50,000 per American household this year! Of course, that spending must first be taken from taxpayers in the form of higher taxes or greater debt. History has long proven that you can’t spend and borrow your way into prosperity. In sum, the Socialists seek to impose their own personal brand of economic insanity on America.”

Brooks continued, “America’s national debt blew through $23 trillion in November, $24 trillion in April, and $25 trillion in May.[1] According to the Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”), America’s 2020 federal budget deficit is projected to be $3.7 trillion— that’s without this $3+ trillion monstrosity.[2] The federal government set a new record in April for the largest ever monthly deficit increase at $738 billion.[3] Both the CBO and America’s Comptroller General Gene Dodaro regularly describe America’s financial state as ‘unsustainable,’ accounting language that says an insolvency and bankruptcy will result absent corrective measures.” 

Brooks continued, “In this spending bill, Socialist Democrats also slipped in an effort to undermine America’s Republic by making it easier for Democrat candidates to engage in voter fraud and election theft. In that vein, Democrats seek to allow people to lawfully vote without any proof of American citizenship or other lawful entitlement to vote. I urge all patriotic Americans to use every power granted them in the U.S. Constitution to resist Socialist efforts to take away our freedoms and destroy the government and country it took our ancestors centuries to build.”

On Proxy Voting, Brooks stated:“Congressmen are paid good money to vote on legislation. That is their highest duty. They arenot paid to hand their voting cards over to another Congressman to vote for them. Congressmen should either vote in person or, if the House floor is unusable for any reason, Congressmen should be allowed to personally record their vote with the House clerk by verifiable telephonic or other electronic means. It is just plain wrong for one Congressman to give their voting card to another person to vote for them. As such, I will oppose the Socialists’ ‘proxy voting’ scheme that consolidates America’s political power in the hands of one Congressman: Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The House of Representatives is ‘the People’s House’. We should conduct ourselves accordingly. Proxy voting is an anathema to who we are and should be.”